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The Constitution IS Just A Piece Of Paper

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First they came for the gays, who thought marriage oh so savory
Then they came for the blacks, and reconstituted slavery.
Then they came for Hispanics, “’cause America’s for whites!”
Then they came for the liberals, “’cause America is Right!”
And thus was lost the nation, whose every guarantee
Proclaimed that everyone enjoyed the self same liberty
That ignorant abusers now claim exclusivity –
“All of US have voted – now you serfs can let it be!”

This bit of migraine-driven doggerel is dedicated to all those black folk and Hispanics who supported California’s Prop 8 without logically thinking through the Constitutional issues. As I try to point out above, the Republicans want to mess with the 14th Amendment just to shut down the increase in Hispanic population and their growing electoral power, which is seen by them as favoring the Democrats. What is to keep them from messing with the 13th Amendment prohibition regarding slavery? Doesn’t the Bible promote slavery? And aren’t blacks considered by some to be the Sons of Ham the Unclean because of certain Biblical passages? Do you want to lose those Jubilee freedom rights because of someone else’s religious beliefs?

And what of the thought that a judge citing the Constitution can “override the will of the majority”? Certainly the majority of Southerners were still in favor of laws establishing it even after losing the Civil War! Should that local popularity have overridden Federal law ending slavery? What if the will of the majority is to ban handgun ownership? Are you SURE you want to establish this precedent?

Eliminating voting rights for both the black and Hispanic population groups would also have the beneficial effect of weakening the progressive bloc. This bloc strives to limit the social dominance of the economic elites and the Republican and Blue Dog toadies who cater to them at the expense of the well-being of the general public. Are our roads not currently being returned to the gravel state they were in a hundred years ago because there is no tax money to pay for upkeep? This is because the wealthy expect a free ride just because they are rich. How much longer is it going to take the paramedics to come treat your chest pains on a road to Hell paved with plutocratic intentions?

But no matter. Big Money must have its way. And once the enemies of their plutocratic state are politically (if not literally) eliminated, America could be — nay! would be — Sparta, geared up for global war through the elimination of the weak and the undesirables. Let the good times roll!

Speaking of undesirables: Hey! You Asian-Americans! Does this Florida story bring back memories of tales your grandparents told you about Manzanar and Tule Lake? It should! It can also happen to YOU, if you ever stop voting Republican!

And you Mormons who helped pay the costs of the pro-Prop 8 campaign: are you ready to go to war again against those who still consider your religion a cult and you not Christian? Just because you are generally whites yourselves isn’t going to save you.

Ask the Scientologists about that.

There, I said it!

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  • Your poetry sucks, but I love your Article Tags:
         • Bigots
         • Haters
         • Pharisees
         • Snitches
         • Snobs
    Looks like you’ve been watching your 100-DVD collection of The Best of The Jerry Springer Show.

  • Corey May

    “This is because the wealthy expect a free ride just because they are rich.”

    Sentences like the one quoted above are ridiculous and uninformed. Google what percentage of the US population pays taxes. Then try to figure out who is getting the free ride. If this is one of the cornerstones of the building that is your point of view, I’d hate to be inside that building.

  • You must not do your own taxes, Corey May. There are so many tax breaks I could take if my income came from investments that I cannot touch as an hourly worker that it makes my head spin. So take your GOP talking point and return it to its source.

  • Clavos

    Nevertheless, Realist, Corey’s right that the top tier of taxpayers pay the bulk of income taxes paid, in spite of their deductions. For example, in 2007, the top 1 percent of tax returns paid 40.4 percent of all federal individual income tax. That’s after deductions. The same year, that top 1 percent earned 22.8% of Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) nationwide, so 23% of income paid 40% of the taxes. They are paying their share — and then some.

  • I don’t see a link backing this statement up, where is it?

    : )hi Clavos…see? you taught me well.

  • “When the Constitution was adopted in 1789, the Founding Fathers recognized that no government could function if it relied entirely on other governments for its resources, thus the Federal Government was granted the authority to raise taxes. The Constitution endowed the Congress with the power to “…lay and collect taxes, duties, imposts, and excises, pay the Debts and provide for the common Defense and general Welfare of the United States.” Ever on guard against the power of the central government to eclipse that of the states, the collection of the taxes was left as the responsibility of the State governments.”

    It’s funny how we conquer the world in the name of other people’s general welfare but refuse to help our own.

  • Baronius

    How do we refuse to help our own? Which people do we not help?

  • It’s sad to think of the babies…if not for poverty and that sin of all sins human pride those little ones might be alive right now.

    Oh yes, all this blasted talk of safety nets, as long as it’s a philanthropic endeavor… high fa looting fools, wake up!

  • I’m sure I could find millions of examples for you, Baronius.

  • Baronius

    One person or group would be fine, Jeannie. Someone who doesn’t have access to food stamps or food banks; shelters or housing benefits; charitable donations or government aid; medicaid or medical care. No one gets a free ride, but everyone has access to help.

  • Baronius

    Jeannie, I was hoping for a reply. This is important to understand: whether we help people or not is a factual matter; whether we help people enough or not is an ethical question. It’s wrong to say that we “refuse to help our own”.

  • Those who publicly espouse the idea that people are poor or unemployed because they are lazy are not helping anybody.

  • Free speech to a certain degree defines the level of creativity and achievement in a society. Without freedom of speech, the people’s creativity and ability to solve problems effectively are often stifled.