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The Conservative Class War: Gingrich, Greed, and the GOProletariat

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This truly is a spectacular sight. If I had been told a week ago that capitalism would become an issue worthy of derision in the Republican presidential primaries, I would have laughed, shaken my head, and wondered just what exactly the person speaking to me was smoking. I would have also been ignoring a keen bit of insight at my own peril.

Now, nearly deposed former House speaker Newt Gingrich is pulling out all the stops to paint former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, the GOP nomination’s undisputed frontrunner, as a 21st century rendition of Gordon Gekko. However, unlike the popular villain from Oliver Stone’s 1987 blockbuster Wall Street, Romney does not seem to have done anything illegal in his long and successful career as a venture capitalist. As a matter of fact, his ability to bring several businesses of various stripes from utter destitution to remarkable profitability is nothing short of admirable.

Sadly, these facts do not matter a single iota to Gingrich or anyone foolish enough to buy into his latest line of smooth, or perhaps not so smooth, talk. Fortunately, the former speaker’s antics are yielding horrid returns for him; even right wing Sen. Jim DeMint (SC), a leading member of Capitol Hill’s Tea Party Caucus, has stated that they are more than likely shoring up serious support for Romney in the Palmetto state, whose primary is scheduled for next week. However, this so-called conservative class warfare is playing directly into the hands of not just President Barack Obama and his devastatingly brilliant campaign strategist David Axelrod, but the GOProletariat.

This fundamentally religious, lower income, and undereducated segment of the Republican electorate cares not so much about fiscal issues as it does hot-button social ones, such as revoking women’s reproductive rights and blocking gay rights. Easily motivated and duped, this is the vast majority of those GOP voters who ran from crazy to crazier candidate during the latter half of 2011 in search of a viable far right alternative to Romney. Now, left with nowhere else to go, a sizable portion seem to be content with standing by Gingrich in all of his anti-capitalist glory. If nothing else, such a development lends credence to my assumption some time ago that many masquerading under the banner of purist conservatism are merely stealth authoritarians seeking to cast society in the mold of their own utopian ideals.

One who has been a true gentleman throughout this entire ordeal is Texas Rep. Ron Paul (TX). Taking time out of his own campaign for the Oval Office, which has picked up a surprising amount of steam, to defend Romney’s career as a corporate asset manager, he gracefully exposed Gingrich’s rhetoric for the left wing pseudo-populist claptrap that it is. I must say that I regret referring to Paul as the craziest man in the Republican nominating process a few days ago. While I still disagree with him strongly on a plethora of issues, he has demonstrated a level of tact becoming of any individual seeking to be America’s chief executive.

When all is said and done, Gingrich is exactly what he appears to be; a bitter and pathetic has-been bent on not just politically but personally destroying those who raise legitimate questions about his prospects as president of the United States. His ego and irrational greed for power, not a specific political school of thought, have proven to be his guiding lights in this race. Remember my prediction from yesterday: if and when Romney wins the GOP nomination, Gingrich will be an odds-on favorite to endorse President Obama for re-election out of sheer spite.

You heard it here first.

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  • It very sad that Newt has attempt to appeal to social conservatives that are not free market conservatives with is populist anti-capitalist rhetoric. This is clearly a desperation move on the part of Newt and hopefully he will not be rewarded for it.