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The Climate Change News

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As we look back at the past year (which was the hottest on record in the northern hemisphere) we remember quite a bit of weather-related chaos in various parts of the world. Are these events just random, “acts of God” or is there more to it? A new report says that global warming may be nearing the “tipping point” beyond which it will spiral out of control. Before too long the oceans will be 7 meters higher and it will be 14.5 degrees warmer on average. How’s that for some holiday cheer?

Fortunately though Evangelical Christians have finally decided to believe in something that requires a lot less faith than their other beliefs and are climbing aboard the anti-warming bandwagon. This must be causing quite a bit of concern at the “What Global Warming?” White House as the Oil Baron Republicans depend a great deal on Evangelicals to keep them in power.

I see this as being a very good thing. After all, when all of the Arctic ice melts and the rate at which the oceans are rising doubles and all the polar bears have drowned, when Greenland is ice-free, and when crops are failing worldwide (and HERE)and the oceans are dead (and HERE)…..we we will need someone to lead us in prayer.

Another interesting prospect is that global warming may, as one of its side effects, shut down the thermohaline circulation in the North Atlantic. The odds are 70% in favor of this happening. The results would be catastrophic. But hey, what are you gonna do, you gotta drive your SUV to work every day down at the factory, right? Besides George Bush pays people to say there is no such thing as Global Warming and with that kind of PR why worry?

In one final development, it has been noticed that rising ocean levels will probably
flood the New Jersey coastline. The highly industrial area around Newark, for example, is only a few feet above sea level and is sometimes referred to as “The Swamps of Jersey”. That will be gone as will the coastal resorts and attractions like Atlantic City. Of course this will provide the opportunity for many Investors to get rich as they build levees and what-not to keep the ocean at bay.

Other News Today

Heather Lende: Wasps add sting to debate over global warming
The best (and only) float in the Southeast Alaska State Fair parade was plumber Gene Kennedy’s. It was called “Seeds of Climate Change” and featured paper palm trees lashed to Gene’s Ford Model A truck, with Gene himself dancing on the back in a grass skirt, wig and coconut-shell bra.

Oprah, light bulbs, and global warming
As I’ve said before (and so has Carl Pope), the key to addressing global warming is bringing the… Grist Magazine.

Global warming set to hit Europe badly
Europe’s four hottest years on record were 1998, 2002, 2003 and 2004, the agency said Tuesday.

Global warming stalks Yosemite
Retracing the steps of a meticulous early 20th-century biologist.

Carbon dioxide level highest in 650,000 years
Carbon dioxide is the principal “greenhouse” gas thought to be driving global warming.

Australian ski resorts to campaign against global warming
The Age newspaper in Australia has reported that the country’s resorts are planning to campaign.

Global warming study forecasts more water shortages
The warming trend already is showing effects in California’s Sierra Nevada snowpack.

Record US greenhouse gas emissions in 2004
Emissions reached a new high in 2004, prompting renewed calls for urgent action – US officials note the country’s “greenhouse gas intensity” fell.

Aerosols cool more than expected
Researchers measure smog’s effect on counteracting global warming.

One region’s bid to slow global warming
Seven Northeast states have agreed to cap emissions – amid warnings the move will trigger higher electricity costs.

Natural disasters: The chaos to come
Natural disasters have wreaked havoc on the planet in the past twelve months, and some say that things will only get worse. Quirin Schiermeier assesses the world’s growing vulnerability to catastrophe.

Model Predicts Colder Winter Temperatures in the East, Warmer in the West
According to a model developed by atmospheric scientist Judah Cohen of Atmospheric and Environmental Research (AER), Inc., temperatures during Dec., Jan., and Feb. will be cold in the eastern United States and warm west of the Mississippi River.

Study: Temperate forests could worsen global warming
A new study finds that temperate forests, by absorbing sunlight, warm the air in the process and may increase global warming.

Warming could free far more carbon from high Arctic soil than earlier thought
Scientists studying the effects of carbon on climate warming are very likely underestimating, by a vast amount, how much soil carbon is available in the high Arctic to be released into the atmosphere.

By Mike Johnston

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  • Well, it’s already established that burning fossil fuels isn’t the cause of any of this. The level of particulate and greenhouse gas output from human sources is so low relative ot historic events like Krakatoa that it’s unlikely to be a significant factor in the current climate changes which are almost certainly part of a periodic cycle.


  • HI dave, no I just got went through the stories that were most recent on my rss feed tracker thingie. I also get feeds from the Pew Research Center and the Tyndall Institute.
    Like I said warming is the biggest part of what I see and there are hundreds of stories so I end up trying to be representative of what the bulk of the material is about.
    Also as I said cooling and warming are essentially two aspects of the same effect: Climate Change.
    Cooling might be worse than warming really if both are caused by burning fossil fuels. I say this because cooling requires us to stay warm this means we burn more fuel, which would then make it colder….. COuld be a real vicious cycle there 😀

  • Did you write the article a while ago and then only post it recently? The BBC has had substantial coverage of the cooling effect that’s likely to hit Europe during the past month. Here’s one of the articles from the BBC website.

    Actually, cooling is the direct result of heating from what I understand. The heating of the ocean is part of a cycle which leads to rapid worldwide cooling as well as the shifting of currents, which is the most immediate concern for those living in Europe.


  • well Dave, I pull these stories from major science feeds and reuters and the bbc and quite frankly none of these sources has had much about the cooling aspect of climate change recently. Although I have nothing against it. Both are Climate Change, one is heating the other cooling.

    Luke, well all I did was string headlines together. So I guess everyone is stupid who wrote or contributed to those stories. In fact everyone in the world who doesn’t agree with Luke is probably just as stupid as me. We are fortunate to have such genius as yours at hand. We may need it in the future. Hopefully you will have time to help us after NASCAR season is over.

  • Luke

    Your article is stupid, you might as well just say that the day after tommorow will happen for real, in exactly the same way as the movie, here’s what I think, the earth’s climate changes all the time, whether it’s heating up or cooling down, we’d be driving our cars during that cycle, if we make the earth hotter than it would’ve been, so what? The earth will just cool down again on it’s own, the earth is a lot tougher than you think, it’s not a fragile little flower, it has existed for billions of years, and after humanity is wiped out, the earth will forget that we were ever here to begin with.

  • How could you be missing it, enki? It’s all over the news. It’s been leading the news for a month or more. Do a search for “cyclical ice age” or “ocean warming ice age” or “current cooling europe” on google.


  • hmmmm, the ice age model kind of fell by the wayside a while ago. Although if it was in the news I would have included it. Changes on a global scale just might not follow anyone’s model. But the gfact is that changes are taking place. I just collect what is there and present it.

  • Fascinating stuff. You seem to have found only the pro-warming material and posted that during a year in which record numbers were posted for low temperatures and snowfalls, and during which enormous numbers of scientists agreed that the trend we’re looking at is the beginning of a massive cooling cycle rather than global warming.


  • yes it is scary. And yes people seem to be unaware or actively ignoring it and that is bizarre because it is probably the biggest event to hit the world in recorded history. So my idea is to ocassionally gather together all the pertinent news stories and present them in one collection. I think it has a bigger impact on people than any single story would.
    No I didn’t forget the rapid pole shift story, I thought about including it but didn’t because I don’t know if anyone has studied it’s effect on climate change (if any).

  • Ruvy in Jerusalem

    There was one item you forgot. The magnetic pole is moving away from where it used to was. Will this aggravate global warming? Ain’t got a clue.

  • And you know what? Most people just don’t give a damn. They’d rather rush around in a blind panic when things get bad then take whatever steps are still left to us to get things under control. Preparation? Forget it. Costs too much, takes too much effort.