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With a producer like Tim McGraw, how can you go wrong? It also doesn’t hurt that the country band, The Clark Family Experience, is comprised of six hunky-looking brothers ranging in age from 18 to 28.

You’ve got Alan, 28 (guitar, harmonica, and vocals); Aaron, 25 (upright electric bass and vocals); Adam, 23 (mandolin, electric guitar, and vocals); Ashley, 21 (fiddle and guitar); Andrew, 20 (drums and vocals); and Austin, 18 (dobro, lapslide guitar, keys and vocals). Poor Ashley… either someone really liked “Gone With The Wind” or else they just ran out of masculine names that began with an “A”…

Their self-titled second album should be hitting the shelves tomorrow. With the release of the first single off that album, “Going Away”, in April, anticipation for its release increased with a fever pitch. This was fueled largely by a huge, swooning teenage girl quotient.

In spite of that and from what I’ve been able to actually hear, they have a great country sound which has ranges from blues to bluegrass and even has a hint of gospel. The latter probably having to do with the fact that their parents were traveling ministers.

They’re definitely worth a listen-to… buh-bye!

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  • SGO

    No personal attacks? What were the last two comments?

    I absolutely LOVE the latest band from this amazingly talented family – Sons of Sylvia. I’ve met them many times and don’t believe there’s a phoney bone in any of them. They are true gentleman.

  • Jon

    Anon; I know them very well and I can say this without doubt that they are NOT living as God wants them too. This family has used God to bilk tens of thousnads of $$$ from churches/fans for decades! Can we say phoney?!

  • anonymous

    i have never heard you all sing as far as the country music. I really don’t want to hear it because I really think you all know that you are not where God wants you at. It’s hard but you all can get back in there where you belong. I seen you all at blue ridge about 2 years ago. I will most certainly be praying for you all good luck.

  • ANJI

    Hi guys this is Anji, I am looking for a record that I use to have your MOM MADE. dOES SHE HAVE A WEBSITE??

  • CLiff

    Tell your Dad that i miss the Tent revivals and seeing the anointing flow through those services in the Polk county Fl. area. I’m still holding on to what he preached back in the 60s and 70s when i was a boy on that saw dust floor.

  • Dallas Marie Ofria

    hay ASHLEY! i jst wont to let you all know that you all have a great gift ASHLEY! and keep it up ASHLEY! by ASHLEY!

  • Dallas Marie Ofria

    Hay Ashley its christina’s doter, I just wont to let you all know that you all have a talent ASHLEY! and a great gift ASHLEY! keep it up ASHLEY! by Ahshley

  • Hannah

    send this to everyone you know! sorry if i’ve sent this to you before, i’m just spreading the word!
    If you visit http://www.clarkband.com you can order Clark’s new reality tv show…its good! It also includes their new cd with all new music that is just great! It is airing in Chattanooga TN tonight at 6 for its first time!


  • April Fountain

    Hey clarks how are you? Fine I hope I’m april you know the who ashley kept calling amber @ Full Gopspel Church Pastor Mike Johnson.Anyway I’m have a ball living for the Lord like it should be and i hope y’all come back soon.Oh ADAM i GOT MY PICTURES developed and you blinked on almost everyone of them.Alan sorry I could’nt get a pic. of you you were hiding from me.Ashley I thank the lord for you because not every one can do want you do .You were right when you said my shyness would come out know every begs me 2 shutup.Andrew thanks for showing us how to play at little on the piano know i can get on other peoples nerves a different way.Aaron i just love the way you played that big guitar you remined me of the temptations.Austin I are the main reason why i want 2 at least try to play guitar you make it look fun i play clarinet .Well I have 2 go know but email me whan y’all get this.Much love 4 you alllllll.april(amber)

  • Angie

    Hey, just wanted to let you know that this is not the Clark Family Experience’s second album, but really their first. “Going Away” was really their 4th single in Curb Record’s pitiful attempt at making a number 1 hit without actually promoting them. Finally the boys got tired of it and had to file bankruptcy and are getting out of their contract. Curb Records only released it now to make it look like they were actually trying to promote the boys.
    And don’t make fun of Ashley! 😛 He’s a total sweetheart!