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The Chumscrubber Giveaway

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contest:  WIN Chumscrubber
T-shirt or Movie Poster!
Don’t have a low expectation? 
Give the Film Cynic your reason for wanting to see The Chumscrubber
The two best optimists will win either a t-shirt or a poster for the film,

which opens this friday.  The hopeful endorsements will also be featured
in LowExpectation’s preview of the picture.  Submissions must be
emailed to the Film Cynic or posted as a comment on this page
by midnight, friday morning.  Visit the official site of The

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About Film Cynic

  • Watch it because the dude looks kinda hot.

  • hey,
    I know this is really late to be asking but do you know where I can find any merchandise to this movie? I’ve looked at a lot of places, but I couldn’t find any. Posters, shirts, anything.


  • C.J. Amaranto

    Also, I liked this movie because it wasn’t something that you would see done. It was risky, the plot and everything, but was really done at the right point where it doesn’t hit the ultimate boundary. It was realistic in the way that school is the ultimate breeding grounds for drugs, but not really the drugs they were talking about. Anyways, that’s my say about the movie.

    C.J. Amaranto