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The Chaste Taste

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Tastes are not unique to food alone. They exist in other areas too.

Taste is a relative term that mostly centers on that which satisfies the palate. The various tastes are sweet, sour, spicy hot, so on and so forth. The epicureans, who relished good food and comfort, found pleasure in keeping track of tasty dishes and delicacies.

Taste, extended a little, covers other fields too. Anything that is exquisite, that is beautiful, tells us of taste.  A simple chair that is made with correct proportions and good timber is a piece of art. A small cottage, constructed with specific measurements, laid with lovely flooring, painted with charming pastel shades, and furnished in style, speaks volumes of the taste of the owner.

A piece of jewelry with fine designs, inlaid with quality diamonds and intercepted with shining rubies, set in 22K yellow gold, depicts the taste of the jeweler. The color scheme of yellow, white, and red is a feast to the eyes.

Taste is also exhibited in laying out a garden. The sprawling lush green lawn, with a beautiful fountain splashing with water and lovely brick pathway, sets a picturesque scene.The liveliness is enhanced by the dancing daffodils, the petite pansies, the long larkspurs, the waving gladioli. Roses in different hues beckon us warmly.The  exhilaration one experiences is beyond expression.

Coming to the most mundane of all activities, dressing, we find that taste plays a vital role. The perfect fit, the choice of colors, the selection of materials, and the way you drape call for attention. An incongruity slips in when one gets himself attired in clothing that does not befit the occasion.

Business ethics also rely on taste. The way one deals with customers gives an excerpt of his mindset. The uncanny knack, the straightforward approach, and  kind words go a long way.

Speech or ordinary conversation also reflects taste. The words we use, the way we speak, display a validity and touch.

Taste is anything that reveals style and choice.

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