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The Changing Face Of Glastonbury 1970-2011

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Future line-ups proved no different to 2008.   Bear in mind, these are not so much hip-hop acts. So, instead of drinking gangster juice, choose to go pop. Let this be a reminder for you, as it proves just how quickly Glastonbury is changing, and making us feel numb, particularly rockers.  Last year, the following acts ‘rocked’ the pyramid stage: Shakira, Pet Shop Boys, and Stevie Wonder.  This year, this trend continued as Queen B of R&B Beyonce, Wu Tang Clan, Tinie Tempah, and Plan B, wowed the audience.

How can something that started out to be ‘rock land,’ turn into hip-hop/pop central? I would think it has to do with money. Do I agree with it? I don’t really know. I believe music has a right to expand. It has the power to bring people together; that I don’t doubt. If you wanted my opinion, I’d say; “Let music unite us, whatever the genre is.”

We all love music, so why not enjoy it together right? I understand it’s a tradition which is now broken. Remember, change is sometimes good. On the other hand, I realise that some people don’t like change. These people who refuse to accept changes don’t want the chain to break, especially when it has been working seamlessly for 41 years.

Come on, is this really necessary? If I’ve learnt anything from life, its that everything changes in time, whether you like it or not!

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  • John

    Glastonbury had to change, it’s a music festival that attracts the biggest and best musicians and artists in the music industry today meaning that when music changes the festival changes with it. It’s diverse and offers every possible type of music including classical, dance, techno, rock, jazz and many more! Anyone who has been before will agree that the festival caters to everyone’s needs even those of us who don’t like music (as strange as it sounds). Also there is an error in this article, Glastonbury’s capacity has never 271, 000. Its capacity is roughly 175,000 which is about 135,000 tickets to sell and 40,000 for staff and volunteers.

  • Bee

    Thank you John, for highlighting the errors in the article. Apologies for them. However, the refences I used gave me those numbers and they were pretty solid references. I still hope you enjoyed reading the piece. I agree with the point you have made about the music changing, and the festival changing alongside it. Thank you for your comment.

  • Gerry Prewett

    Bee, Stackridge has NEVER been a 4 piece band and I can’t think that any of them looked remotely like Winston Churchill, Stackridge are still gigging and are a wonderful band. Check ‘em out!

  • Bee

    Gerry I have to say if you click on the band’s ref link you will see, that the man on the right slightly resembles W.Churchill. (joke), trying my best to make it entertaining for people to read, and avoid bordom. I wasn’t mocking any of the artists’ contribution to the music industry. I’m just going by what ref tell me I’m sorry if I was mistaken and I never said they weren’t still around. I just thought I’d put my thoughts out there! Thanks for reading my stuff hope you enjoyed it!