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Two books in one volume, it’s the complete story of Celia and the cousins Hardwicke. In the first book, The Captivity of Celia, this beautiful woman wants to be with her lover, Colin. When Colin is considered to be the main suspect in a murder, Celia and Colin have no where to go other than with Colin’s cousin, Sir Jason Hardwicke. Sir Jason is not allowing the two to stay there with him for nothing, he wants Celia, to submit to him, Jason knows she will do anything to protect Colin. Celia does submit, she will do anything they want of her, and this leads the two men to bring out their most suppressed emotions.

Anything they ask she will do, this allows them to go into their deepest darkest wants, and Celia allows them to.

In the possession of Celia we find out once again that Colin and his cousin are fighting for time with Celia, putting Celia in a uncomfortable place with both of them, but Celia finds in time she likes that place. They are off to France thanks to Jason, with safe passage and everything taken care of for the two young lovers. One thing is on Celia’s mind, though: she would rather stay with Colin’s cousin Jason. He has awakened so much deep inside her, how can she leave?

Jason is such a virile man, and has stirred so much in Celia. If she chooses who will she pick?

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  • Are they good books? How is the writing style, the characterization?

    Thanks for the references, but would have appreciated a more detailed review than just the blurbs.