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The Casey Anthony Trial – Should She Take the Stand?

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I have been obsessed with the Casey Anthony story ever since I first heard the details in the summer of 2008. It just seems as if every time I hear about a missing child, the child won’t be found alive, and a family member is responsible. I know it’s not the case, but it just seems like it.Casey Anthony Mug Shot

Once the details started emerging – that Caylee hadn’t been seen for over a month, that Casey said a “friend” whose last name she didn’t know, whose address she didn’t know, and whom she knew nothing about had her daughter, I started really worrying. The situation she described didn’t seem truthful – it couldn’t be true.

And over the last couple of years, even after Casey Anthony’s arrest, the more words that came out of her mouth, the less I believed her. But nothing, not even what I consider to be lies by Casey Anthony, could have prepared me for the first day of trial where first, her father, George Anthony, was accused of molesting her, and second, the defense presented the basis of their case, which states that Caylee accidentally drowned in the family swimming pool. Both of these statements were shocking to me. Unfortunately, since nothing truthful had come out of Casey’s mouth before the trial, I’m having a hard time believing her now, when her own life depends upon what she’s saying. The prosecutors are seeking the death penalty.

The burning question is whether Casey Anthony will testify in her own defense. On the one hand, I think most of the people interested in this story would like her to. She’d get a chance to tell her story, in her own words. On the other hand, the prosecutors will bring up all of her many lies, and in trying to explain them away, she’ll likely get caught in a few more. Personally, although I’d like to see her testify, I think her lawyers will suggest that she doesn’t.

What do you think – will Casey Anthony testify in her own defense?

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  • I’m riveted by this case as well! What a great post!