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The case of the forbidden iPod

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It is the kind of thing that makes you go, ‘Huh?’

What is an Apple iPod? An MP3 player and hard drive, a reasonable person would say. The savvy might add a measure of hipness, the in thing that whispers taste and bling-bling.

The National Basketball Association says the iPod is a violation of its dress code.

The Associated Press reports.

NEW YORK (AP) – Vince Carter has to listen to his favorite tunes on his own time.

The Toronto Raptors star was informed by the NBA that he no longer can listen to music on his iPod during the 20-minute warmup period before each game. Carter recently started listening to the music on his headphones, a violation of the league’s rules on proper attire.

When the NBA heard about it, the league called the Raptors.

“We informed them that he can no longer do that,” NBA spokesman Brian McIntyre said Tuesday.

Carter has said he listens to the music in order to focus before a game.

I can’t envision any way that a player listening to music on his iPod before a game causes a problem. Perhaps the NBA is a safer place now, but I think it would be hard put to be explain how.

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