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The Case Against DeLay: Case Studies in Falling Apart

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You’ve heard the story. DeLay (along with 2 other Democrat congressman, but you wouldn’t know that from the press) took trips that were paid for on Abramoff’s (a lobbyist) credit card. The newest problem is that the FEC and lawyers for the House of Representatives OK’s the setup.

So not only is DeLay being singled out for something that Democrats were on the same trip and did, but for taking a trip that the FEC and the lawyers for the House also OK’d as legit.

Now over 200 Representatives are running around getting their travel docs straight over a made up scandal. If you want the ethics committee to investigate something, maybe they should start with why they are giving apparently bad advice.

From Ravings of John C. A. Bambenek

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  • Nancy

    A major problem with that is that congress has over the past few centuries voted for themselves so much power – they are, like medieval clergy, virtually beyond the law in that they are answerable only to each other, they vote their own raises & benefits, determine what is and isn’t ‘legal’ for them to accept, et al – that the entire organization is rife with corruption and abuse of power; and given the tendency of most Americans to just let the bastards remain by not bothering to vote, they continue to bolster and reinforce their immunity to law & ethics exponentially almost every year. You know what they say about absolute power. 30 years ago the public was involved enough to throw out Nixon – his own party helped, with interest. Today, a politician would have to commit murder, and even then there would be substantial ‘spin’ put on it and I wouldn’t lose any money betting he wouldn’t get away with it, either. The law enforcement agencies like the FBI et al are nothing more than presidential patsies anymore, their focus entirely on protecting and preserving assholes in office from the fruits of their egregious affronts to the people.

  • John

    Mr. Delay is being “looked at” for multiple potential abuses. As to Dems having done the same, I say “Throw them out too!” Any of these guys who push the envelope and take money/favors at the boundaries of what is legal should be removed. They are not working for us, they are in it for themselves. Throw all of them out and get some people in who can remove the corrosive effects of money from our system, which has become an auction.

  • This detail is beside the point. Many observers have remarked that “legal corruption” (accepting gifts within the confines of the law) is more pernicious than “illegal corruption.” These trips may be legal, but that doesn’t imply that they were right to do. You are right though. People from all parties have accepted contributions for these kinds of trips, and to single Delay out is a little beside the point.

    I live in Tom DeLay’s district, and it seems that people are quite accepting of his questionable methods of soliciting campaign donations. That said, the Texas state charges are more likely to stick than the federal ones (which were morally dubious but legal).

  • Nancy

    One would think so, but apparently in the minds of politicians, basic morality and common sense (as well as ethics and the laws) are for the Little People – the rest of us – and not resident of Olympus like themselves. Consider: they have created themselves private, lifetime-privileged clubs, retirement, travel, medical care, and other unlimited goodies. Once elected to congress (or the white house) your worries are over, ditto any problems of support or benefits for your extended family; and no matter what stupid, illegal, amoral, or unethical things you may have done while in office, when you die you get a big funeral and a speech about how great and patriotic you were, all is forgiven, and your deeds and life are re-written to your advantage. This goes double for ex-presidents.

  • Is not Tom Delay in a position of higher authority and leadership than the other 2 and therefore subject to a stricter standard of behavior?

    Or did I miss something. Maybe authority is supposed to mean the higher you go the LESS accountable you are for your actions.

    In any case, wtf are govt officials doing using lobbyist’s credit cards? Shouldn’t common sense and basic morality tell you this is a no-no, regardless of what the FEC sez?

  • So not only is DeLay being singled out for something

    I can’t tell by the raving provided, exactly who you are referring to? Who is singling him out? The mainstream media? Liberals? The President of the Pelosi Fan Club?

    If you want the ethics committee to investigate something, maybe they should start with why they are giving apparently bad advice.

    Seriously, the reason why DeLay is being ‘singled out’ moreso than others is because he is underneath an ‘ongoing’ investigation. DeLay’s travel problems are like Clinton’s blowjob, they aren’t really what was initially being sought, but they are what was found during an ongoing campaign.

    It’s my humble opinion that many of the politically neutering tactics that are being used effectively against some of the fundies in power now are nothing more than the exact same tactics they used to get into power in the first place.

    Kinda likea ‘sins of the father’ type of thing.

  • Nancy

    Yeah, I was plenty mad when I heard about DeLay’s “abuses”, but I was even madder when I heard about everyone else’s on both sides, too! I agree, it’s not fair to single out DeLay – much as I dislike him & think he abuses his power, to say the very least, in addition to other things he hasn’t been caught at yet – when every last one of them is doing it, too. I wish there were some way for the PUBLIC to inflict a punishment – say, a whopping big fine – and make it stick, but those slick bastards long ago fixed it so that they are accountable to and punishable by no one but themselves. Talk about conflict of interest!