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The Caribou LIKE the oil companies

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Stevens Speaks on Senate Floor in Support of Opening ANWR

One of the things that was not given a lot of attention, because of the war, was the opening of ANWR beign discussed in the Senate. There is an oil field in Alaska that has

Ted Stevens, the perennial Alaskan Senator, argued passionately for this development. He put it all on the line.

‘ “People who vote against this today are voting against me and I will not forget it,” Stevens warned his colleagues just before the Senate roll call vote began. As chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee, Stevens can influence funding for a senator’s pet project or cause.’

That’s about as much pressure as he can possibly put out there.

It’s interesting that the vote was so close. 52-48 voted it down. Some Republicans went against party solidarity to vote against it. Some democrats went against their party to vote for it.

I am sure Stevens had a VERY stiff drink after that vote.

There is a book,Under the Arctic Sun: Gwich’In, Caribou, and the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge , presumably against opening ANWR. The reason I presume it’s against opening ANWR is because they include the Gwich’In peoples. Stevens said they were the only native tribe that were against the opening. PROBABLY because they are mostly from Canada and wouldn’t benefit from opening the oil reserves. The Native Alaskan peoples understand how oil companies work in their lands, because they saw the pipeline go in. They know that the impact on the environment will not be detrimental.

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