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The Cardiovascular and Psychological Benefits of Walking

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There is no better low impact aerobic exercise then walking. Walking is a tremendous activity for every age group and fitness level. It helps control weight, conditions the heart, and strengthens the bones, plus you can easily adjust the difficulty level to suit your physical fitness needs.

For example, I started walking at a leisurely pace when I began training again after an extended layoff just to get my motor running. I also did heavy or fast walking five times a week when I was in intense training for competition and I was very pleased with the end results both times.

Initially, walking helped me "ramp up" or segue into more serious training and it was a great cardio top-off after a long day of lifting and dieting. I can't say that I enjoyed any fitness activity more than arming myself with my iPod and dog and marching away on a cool, soothing night throughout the neighborhood.

I have also find out that during my intense training periods where I really pushed my walking pace to 9-10 minute miles, I was able to relax my mind and "think" about plans and activities that I would not be able to do while performing any other intense fitness activity such as free weight or machine circuit training. It seems that the rhythmic monotonous cadence of walking really freed up my mind to perform my most creative thinking of the day.

Walking should never be boring. The great thing about walking is that no two workouts ever have to be the same. You can change the pace, environment, time of day… you get the point. With the limitless amount of change to keep you fresh you should never grow tired of it! You can also ramp up the intensity by adding hand, ankle, or wrist weights or even a weighted vest. I hope to see you out there walking your way to superior fitness!

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  • joshi prasad

    i am in love with walking. i started 10 days before and i now i get undisturbed sleep every night.