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The Calico System – The Dupilcated Memory

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It’s amazing how many bands have jumped on the sing and then scream gig. It’s also amazing how many of those bands are absolutely worthless to listen to. The Calico System is not a worthless screamo band, thank God.

I have a hard time reviewing screamo bands without referring to Thursday and this review won’t deviate from that. The Calico System does the singing and screaming gimmick better then Thursday. The singing is never a whine, but always a strong clear voice, while the scream is hardcore enough to please most of the tough guys. The place where The Calico System falls behind Thursday is in the music department. The actual music is just not as technical and interesting, but it still holds up against most of the slop that is being put out in the name of screamo.

The Calico System puts out a good CD that is worth checking out. If you don’t like Thursday because of the vocals then this is the band for you. If you like any screamo at all then this band is for you. Nothing new, but the old is redone well enough for me.

Mark Brandt

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  • Devon Zooll

    Good cd, this bands new stuff is 100000 times better!!

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