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The Butterfly Effect

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Whoa, I just saw that The Butterfly Effect is getting quite bad ratings at Rotten Tomatoes. I don’t understand that, really. I thought the idea for this story was amazing. I really like how the movie’s made. I think if we look back in 2005 at what stories were told best in 2004, then The Butterfly Effect will still be branded into my head. I think it’s not easy to tell that kind of story, so that the audience can still follow what it is about, but this movie was really well-done. The acting didn’t really convince me, but it’s great how the actors had to play very different kinds of roles within the story.

I guess one problem many people have with this movie is that they’re questioning the logic behind the story and wonder too much whether it’s possible or whether it makes sense. But the movie is a lot about just screwing with logic and just changing one fact of the truth and look at how it would have ended if things hadn’t happened the way they were. It’s useless to question the logic, it’s not about that. But of course, this movie inspires you to think about the logic, and I guess as long as the critics wonder about it this story has hit the right spot, no matter whether they liked what they saw or not.

And I thought the ending of the movie was quite good. I thought I had recognized that the cover of the book the guy read said “The Butterfly”.

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  • I must agree…I thought this movie was phenomenal. And though the acting could have been better at times – it must have been hard to cast each person for so many roles. I just think it was great because until halfway through the movie, it’s hard to figure what EXACTLY is going on. The director keeps you speculating. But then it all sets in, and you realize what has happened up until that point. Genious. I give it 4 stars out of 5.