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The Bush Tax Increase of 2005, II

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After Bush’s re-election, the country will be subject to a punishing round of tax increases.

It’s already started. Yesterday, the government announced that Medicare premiums will rise by 17.5 percent, a tax increase by any standard. And that’s just the beginning.

Call it The Big Lie. Even as they attack John Kerry for wanting to raise taxes, top Bush Administration officials know that they will be raising taxes as soon as they are re-elected. Social Security taxes will increase to pay for privatization, gasoline taxes will rise to pay for the deficit, “user fees” will be tacked on everywhere to pay for the bloated U.S. military.

It has to happen. The numbers just don’t add up, and something has to give. The government can only avoid tax increases by eliminating whole departments, like Education and environmental protection. That, of course, is not going to happen.

Bush’s re-election is assured, unfortunately. But I for one am going to enjoy watching conservatives wallow in their own lies and hypocrisy come January.

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  • The numbers have not added up since President Bush signed in his round of tax cuts. I do not think it is a given that he is going to win re-election.

    Whoever wins will have to reverse the Bush tax cuts – I guess that means it is a tax raise but some would just call it a restoration of where taxes were (or some other silly spin message)

    With the Republican Party, odd things like elimination of departments might happen – anything is possible….

  • A tax increase by any standard? Since when were insurance premiums tax increases? The hike only adds up to $78.20 per year. When you factor in the prescription drug benefit, the savings most Medicare recipients receive from that plan will more than outweigh that cost. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, anyone on Medicare who spends more than $350 per year on prescriptions will have the $78.20 hike negated.

    And most seniors pay far more than that. My own grandparents spend more than that each month on prescriptions. The prescription drug benefit is saving them about $1500 per year on drugs, so a $78.20 per year increase in premiums is a drop in the bucket compared to the savings they get from the Bush Medicare drug benefit.

    And Bush is campaigning on making the tax cuts he got enacted permanent, so how is that raising taxes?

    Kerry has backed higher gasoline taxes 11 times and has supported a 50-cents-a-gallon tax increase.

    And top Bush administration officials know that they will be raising taxes? Really? Which ones have you spoken to that have indicated this?

  • Marty Thau

    Evil White Guy — seniors now pay $60 per month out of their Social Security checks for Medicare coverage. The new rates will mean that an additional $17.50 per month will be charged to them. Do the math — $17.50 X 12 = $210 — not $78.20.
    Still, it’s worth it for seniors — who have no clout, or say in the matter — and depend on government medical coverage. However, this is just the beginning of Bush’s move to privatize medical benefits, or eliminate as much of it as he can — just like what he plans to do with Social Security. According to Bushie people, seniors drain public funds and should eat less in order to pay their share of our weapon costs. Bush is a cold of a son-of-a bitch any way you slice it.
    Only in America, which prides itself on being the world’s richest country, are seniors treated like shit.

  • And top Bush administration officials know that they will be raising taxes? Really? Which ones have you spoken to that have indicated this?

    Evilwhiteguy, remember George Bush Mark I – “read my lips, no new taxes”…..history does repeat itself as we will see after Nov 2. Whoever wins will have to repeal tax cuts and raise taxes – the deficit and debt are too big.