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The Breakdown: Jimi Hendrix, Keith Jarrett, Tom Petty, REM

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Not a huge week here, but that’s kind of a relief, isn’t it? And yet, still enough to sap your wallet of quite a bit of dough anyway. That’s the life of a music addict.

Keith Jarrett – My Foolish Heart: Live at Montreux: I think there’s an annual requirement that Keith Jarrett must issue some kind of musical good. There are only a handful of years in his career that have not resulted in some kind of album under his name – 1969, 1970, 1978, 1982, 1984, 1997, and 2002. The kicker is that in the many years he did release music, he often released multiple titles. That’s just remarkable. Equally remarkable is that this release is in the year of the 25th anniversary of the trio featured here – pianist Jarrett, with bassist Gary Peacock and drummer Jack DeJohnette.

This two disc set covers the jazz standards the group is known for – songs you probably know, but, as always, given a fresh and probably greatly extended reading by this powerful trio.

On a side note, I know I read a contingent of “fans” have vowed to never again give money to Jarrett after he erupted at camera-wielding festival attendees:

Hopefully those short-minded “fans” have realized the errors of their ways and will continue to purchase the trio’s music – it is, after all, about the music, right?

Jimi Hendrix – Live at Monterey CD/DVD: Speaking of cameras, a bunch followed Hendrix around the festival in question — which was the debut of the Jimi Hendrix Experience in the US — filming not only his performance but also a documentary about the man himself and the festival. The DVD here includes all of this, plus some previously unreleased interviews with Mitch Mitchell and Noel Redding, and two songs (“Stone Free” and “Like A Rolling Stone”) from an earlier performance in England. However, the CD includes one song not on the DVD, “Can You See Me,” as, somehow, that did not get filmed. But, the CD lacks the extra two songs the DVD has. See how they get you here? If you’re a Hendrix nut, you kinda gotta buy both, and at a mere 42 minutes for the CD, there’s really no excuse for this – those extra songs should have been on the CD, or “Can You See Me” on the DVD in some form.

Tom Petty – Running Down a Dream DVD: Boy, has Best Buy got the deal here. Seriously, you’d be pretty foolish to pass this up, regardless of your stance on exclusives or big-box stores. While other stores will be getting a two-disc, four-hour version of director Peter Bogdanovich’s documentary on Petty and the Heartbreakers, Best Buy will get their own special version with four discs. The third disc is a DVD of the 30th anniversary date in the band’s hometown of Gainesville, Florida, and the fourth is a 9-track CD of rarities, and all with a price of $24.99. Can you seriously say no to that? I didn’t think so.

REM – Live: You can’t get much more explanatory than that title, huh? Two CDs and a DVD of the same material from a February, 2006 pair of shows in support of the band’s lowest moment, Around the Sun, Blogcritics’ (and official Friend of Lookout For Hope) Josh Hathaway has a great review that pretty much sums up my every issue with this release. This is one I’ll have to wait on until I feel a great need for some new R.E.M. material, since they apparently have opted to take a really, really long time to release the remasters that looked to be imminent when the IRS years best-of, And I Feel Fine, came out last year. Maybe next year . . . ?

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  • With the REM release, for those of us on the fence about whether to buy it, we face this dilemma: Buy it now while it’s on sale everywhere or wait a while and take the chance that the $19.99 price will go up another ten bucks.

  • the REM release is confusing. i mean, i’ve heard some of the new material and it kills…making me think that this is the kind of release that a label puts out when the band is about to exit.

  • Kristina


  • LMAO. I think Keith is a tad pissed.

    I’ll still give him my money, though.

  • STM

    Breakdown? England are very quick to the breakdown, and their forwards are pushing their opponents off the ball with ease (look at what happened to the two teams with the best and most entertaining backlines in the world: Australia and France).

    It is this power up front, speed to the breakdown and England’s technical expertise at scrum and lineout that will have South Africa at sixes and sevens in this weekend’s Rugby World Cuip final. The only hope for the Japies is if they can release their formidable backline.

    Oh, sorry … are we talking about a different kind of breakdown here?

    Shit and bugger. I must pay more attention.

  • Stan, there are some perfectly good threads about rugby (at least, they’re about rugby now) in the Sports section – here and here.

    See you there for your contorted explanation of why the Wallabies got their arses kicked.

    +++Breaking newsflash update+++: I see you’ve already found your way to that second one.