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The Break-Up, Over the Hedge, American Dreamz: Region 1 DVD Releases for October 17, 2006

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This week, Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn foretell their own destiny, assuming they've actually broken up.

The Break-Up

This is the part where I say how ironic it is this is coming out right when Vince and Jennifer are breaking up, except Jennifer says they aren't and that when she gains weight it goes right to her boobs. That last part has nothing to do with the break-up rumors, I just found it interesting.

Anyhow, critics didn't like this so much, but everyone I've talked to says it's a nice enough way to spend a Saturday afternoon. Extras include commentary from Jince (or Vennifer, if you prefer), potentially while spooning, but I wouldn't count on it; an alternate ending; deleted and extended scenes; outtakes; a tour of Chicago; and some improv from Swingers' alum Vince Vaughan and Jon Favreau.

Over the Hedge

In one of the many examples of the snarky-critters-take-on-The-Man CG cartoon templates this year (along with The Wild, Barnyard, The Ant Bully, and Open Season), Bruce Willis and Gary Shandling voice a raccoon and turtle, respectively. This is probably the best reviewed of those films, so if you have to see only one movie with talking animals this year, this should probably be it.

As with most kids' DVDs, this is very well tricked out, including a feature called "Learn to Draw Hammy." I don't know who Hammy is, but just knowing I could potentially learn to draw him instills me with confidence.

American Dreamz

It seemed like such a good idea. A political satire from the guys behind such modern classics as About a Boy and In Good Company (and American Pie, for that matter), with the President (Dennis Quaid) appearing on a reality contest show, The show is hosted by Hugh Grant, and Mandy Moore, Willem Dafoe, Jennifer Coolidge, Marcia Gay Harden, Chris Klein, John Cho, Judy Greer, and Shohreh Aghdashloo are thrown in for more than good measure. And what do you get? 41 percent on Rotten Tomatoes. That's not horrible, per se, but remember, those first two movies I mentioned scored 94 and 82 percent, respectively. Even American Pie managed 60 percent.

Among the numerous extras is a feature that teaches you how to dance. I just love educational DVDs.

The Omen

My very first article for Blogcritics was a review of the original The Omen starring Gregory Peck and directed by a pre-Lethal Weapon Richard Donner. Now, we have Liev Schrieber (whom I love, but is no Peck) and Julia Stiles (who probably is on a par with Lee Remick) directed by the guy who did Behind Enemy Lines (but he may have a Lethal Weapon in his future, you never know). The result, not so much with the good reviews. Still, probably better than the one with Sam Neil as the adult devil spawn.

One of the extras here is called "Omenisms." Is that like "Dude, look out for that omen!" — because I say that all the time.


In what may turn out to be the best (if last) Project Greenlight film, a bunch of C-listers (including Henry Rollins, a Silent Bobless Jay, and that chick from Numb3rs — no, the other one) hide out in a bar while being stalked by creepy-crawlies with very sharp teeth. At least, that's what I can gather from the trailer.

This was actually out in theaters for, like, two nights a few weeks ago and managed to pull in $56,131 from 146 theaters for a per screen average of $384, which, yeah, still kind of sucks, but it was only midnight screenings for the most part.

Extras include commentary, a couple featurettes, deleted scenes and outtakes.

In this week's long list, Bill Paxton and Doctor Who get their freak on, but not with each other.


Acoustic TV

Ahi Nama in Cuba

Alfred Hitchcock Presents – Season Two

Amarte Es Mi Pecado

AMC: Before They Were Stars 1

AMC: The Best of Tarzan

America Rebuilds 2

American Dreamz (Widescreen Edition)

Amor y Exitos: Eddy Herrera en Concierto


Anita Renfroe: Purse-onality

Anyone Can Dance

Anytown USA

The Art of Nature: Jellies


At Your Service

Back to Fitness

Barney – The Dino-Riffic Collection!


Because of Winn Dixie

The Beginning

Behind Enemy Lines 2pk

Behind Enemy Lines Box Set

Behind Enemy Lines II: Axis of Evil

This one takes place in North Korea. What are the odds? (Actually, with that title, one in three.)

Best of Deathmatch Wrestling, Vol. 2: American Ultraviolence

Betterman – Anime Legends Complete Collection

Big & Busty Stripper Babes (Full)

Big Black Comedy Box Set

Big Love – The Complete First Season

In this HBO series, Bill Paxton is married to three women he clearly picked based on their indie cred/association with Basic Instinct — Ginnifer Goodwin, Chloe Sevigny, and Jeanne Tripplehorn.

Bill Cosby – Himself

Billy Wilder Speaks

Just what it sounds like. An interview with the rarely interviewed master by his friend, German director Volker Schlöndorff.

Blackjack Science:Card Counting and Betting Techniques

Blackwater Valley Exorcism

Blame It On The Fish

Blue Demon Ringo Mendoza

Blues of Henry Gray

Bob the Builder: Bob's Hard at Work Collection

Bram Stoker: to Die for

Brazo De Oro Brazo De Plata

The Break-Up (Full Screen Edition/HD DVD & DVD Combo/Widescreen Edition)

Breaking the CodesThe Brothers Grimm (Blu-ray)

C.S.I. New York – The Complete Second Season

Cali Concert

Canek Vs Mil Mascaras

Captured by Lou


Carlos Santana Presents: Blues at Montreux 2004

The Cars Unlocked – The Live Performances (with CD)

Cartoon Megapack

Casa Del Diablo

Casanova (Masterpiece Theater)

In this version, Casanova is played by Peter O'Toole, who looks back on his life in flashbacks where he's played by David Tennant. That's right. Doctor Who gets some.


Charmed – The Complete Seasons 1-6

Charmed – The Complete Sixth Season

Cheaper By the Dozen 2

Cheers and Tears, Episode 1: The Booze Cruise

Cheers and Tears, Episode 2: The Treasure Hunt

Cheers and Tears, Episode 3: The Scattering

Cheers and Tears: The Complete Set

Christmas Toons

Clean, Shaven – Criterion Collection

Cliques, Phonies & Other Baloney

Close Call

Code of the Templars

Coleccion De Exitos Vol 2

Combat America

The Complete Omen Collection (The Omen – 1976/ The Omen – 2006/ Damien: The Omen II/ The Omen III: The Final Conflict/ The Omen IV: The Awakening)

Corridos Perrones (4pc)

Cowboy Country: The Complete Story of the Wild West

The Cruel Sea

Cruzando La Sierra

Cutting Room

Cynara: Poetry in Motion

The Da Vinci's Code Revealed: The Ultimate Collection

Da Vinci: Tracking the Code

The Dam Busters

Dan Doh!! The Super Shot – Complete Collection

Darfur Diaries: Message From Home

Dark Reality

Dark Water [Blu-ray]

Davis M-Miles Davis-Live in Germany 1988

The Day After Tomorrow

Day in the Life of a Danni Girl


Defying Gravity

Die Hard

Die Hard 2: Die Harder

Don't Get It F*Cked Up

Dream for an Insomniac


Educating Brittney 2

Egar G Ulmer: The Man Off-Screen

El Alcon Azul Neutron

El Cazador/Polvo De Muerte

El Chacal De La Frontera

El Hijo Del Santo Vs Blue Panter

El Invencible Ojo De Vidrio

El Jefe Del Los Narcos


Emmet Otters Jug Band Christmas

Escape de Los Santos

Eternal Enemies

Ever After

Everyday Food, Vol. 1 – Fast, Family-Friendly Ideas

Evil Clown El Fantasma

Evil Grave:Curse of the Maya

Evolver-Making of Youthanasia

An Existential Affair

Exposure of a Dream

Face To Face: Shoot the Moon (The Essential Collection)

The Family Stone

Fantastic Children, Vol. 4


Fight Club

Final Days of Planet Earth (WS)

First Time-Wigan Athletic Fc in the Premiership

Flatpicking Country Classics

The Fly: Boxset

Frank Sinatra

Frankenhooker – Special Edition

The fact there is a special edition of Frankenhooker is enough to get this Title of the Week.

The French Chef!

From Willie with Love – Willie Nelson

Future Worlds

Gatchaman Collection 9 (Vols. 17 & 18)

Gatchaman, Vol. 17: Future Kill

Gatchaman, Vol. 18: Final Justice

Geneshaft – Anime Legends Complete Collection

Ghost Hunters


Glass Slipper, Vol. 2

Glory Road [Blu-ray]

Going Back

Gone in 60 Seconds [Blu-ray]

The Great Horror Family – Complete Collection


Guys Gone Wild: All American Jock


Hard Luck (Widescreen Edition)

Mario Van Peebles reunites with Wesley Snipes in one of those flicks where the bad guy tries to go straight but can't because he's in a movie. Also stars Luis Guzman and Cybil Shepherd.

Harvest Night Vol 1

Haunted Mansion [Blu-ray]

Hijo De La Muerte Pequeno Anibal

Holidays in the City

Homecoming Classics, Vol. 1-4

Hoodz: Jim Jones – Taking No Prisoners

Hoop Dance Fusion

House of Blood

Huichol Pirata Morgan

I'm in the Mood for Love

Icons of Horror – Boris Karloff (The Boogie Man Will Get You/The Black Room/The Man They Could Not Hang/Before I Hang)

IGPX, Vol. 5

Ilegal (2005) (Spanish)

Imminent Attack

In Concert: Cry & Other Classics

In Film/on Video

In Search of the Jaguar

Incredible Creatures That Defy Evolution 3 Vol Set

Incredible Monsters

Saber, Toomer, Jase, Claw, Earsnot and Enem. If you don't know who these people are, then you don't know graffiti. This doc schools you (and me, too, I had no idea who they are).


Inspector Lynley Mysteries – Set 4 (4pc)

The Inspector Lynley Mysteries, Vol. 4: In Divine Proportion

The Inspector Lynley Mysteries, Vol. 4: In the Guise of Death

The Inspector Lynley Mysteries, Vol. 4: The Seed of Cunning

The Inspector Lynley Mysteries, Vol. 4: The Word of God

Jane Dougherty Investigates

Jaripeo Y Corridos Encabronadoslos Fo
Jean-Michel Cousteau Ocean Adventures – America's Underwater Treasures, Parts 1 & 2

Jerry Garcia Birthday Bash 2005

Jesus Mal Verde

Jesus Mal Verde 2

Jewish Vendetta

Judicial Y Capitian De Rurales

Jungle Adventures

Junior Wells and Guests

Just Married

Kaliman (Profanadores)

Kamichu – Discovery (Vol. 3)

Kari Anderson: Angles, Lines & Curves, Vol. 2

Kari Anderson: Curl

Keb' Mo' and Guests

Kids & Divorce: For Better Or Worse

Kitty Killers

Kodocha, Vol. 9: Fixing Friends

La Cheyenne Pesada

La Femme Nikita – The Complete Fifth Season

La Femme Nikita – The Complete First Five Seasons

La Malnacida

La Reunion

Lacy's a Lap Dancer

Last Stand of the Great Bear

Latin Dimes Hip Hop Mix

The Letting Go

Leyenda De Jesus Malverde (3pc)

The Line of Beauty

Little Robots: Big Adventures

Live In Concert: Michael Kollwitz- solo Chapman 12 string Grand Stick & 10 string Alto Stick

Live in Montreal

Living a Zombie Dream

Lo Mejor del Chavo del 8: Los Globos

Lola Gonzalez La Monster

Los Beverly de Paralvillo Volume 2

Lover of Life, Singer of Songs

Magical Kanan Special Vol 1

Magical Kanan Special Vol 2

Magical Kanan Vol 1

Magical Kanan Vol 2

Magical Kanan Vol 3

Magical Kanan Vol 4

The Magus

Maldicion De Los Fernandez

Mano Negra El Ultimo Dragon

Mariachi De Frontera

Masterpiece Theater: The Woman in White/Moonstone

Masters of Horror: Larry Cohen – Pick Me Up
Yes, that's It's Alive and Q maestro Larry Cohen directing Michael Moriarty and Warren Cole as dueling serial killers in this installment of the Showtime anthology.

Medico Asesino Rey Misterio

Meet the Colors

Megaman, Vol. 11: NT Warrior – Megaman vs. Grave Virusbeast

Mexico 86

Middle Sexes: Redefining He and She

Mil Mascaras Canek

Miracles in Our Midst

Momiji Vol 1

Momiji Vol 2

Momiji Vol 3

Momiji Vol 4

Monsters of Metal, Vol. 4

Moonphase: Phase 1

Moonphase: Phase 1 – Starter Set

Moviemark DVD Indie Shorts Project Vol. 1

Mrs. Doubtfire

Murder, She Wrote – The Complete Fourth Season

National Geographic – In Search of the Jaguar

National Geographic – Last Stand of the Great Bear

National Geographic – Whales in Crisis

National Geographic Eternal Enemies

National Geographic Wildlife Collection (4pc)

Negima, Vol. 3: Magic 301 – Practical Application of Magic

Negima, Vol. 3: Magic 301 – Practical Application of Magic (Limited Edition)

Nick Jr. Favorites Boxed Set (Vol. 1-3)

Nick Picks Boxed Set (Vol, 1-3)

Ninos De La Mafia

No Mataras Y Yo He Matado

Noein, Vol. 1

Norman McLaren: Masters Edition

Off to War – From Rural Arkansas to Iraq

The Old Quarry and Other Haunted Places of Central New York

Olly, Olly, Oxen Free

The Omen (2006 Widescreen Remake)

One for the Road

One Step Beyond

Only Human

Well-regarded comedy about a woman who brings home her Palestinian fiancé to meet her Spanish Jewish family.

The Other

Otra Pagina Mas

Over the Hedge (Full Screen/Widescreen Edition)

Panic Room (Repackaged Superbit Collection)

Pasiones Escondidas (2005) (Spanish)


Peirroth Jr Vs Ultratumba

Pensamiento Negro Pandillero II

Perilous Flight

Perros De La Noche

Playboy Presents Hef's Halloween Spooktacular

Playboy: Sexy Lingerie, Vol. 5 and 6

Por El a Mi Amor Madre

Precio Del Norte (4pc)

Predator: 2-Movie Gift Set

Princess Memory Vol 1

Princess Memory Vol 2

Promos & etc

Psicopata Mr. Tempest

Psycho Weene

Reaching for the Stars

Red Angel

Reds (25th Anniversary Edition)

This edition comes tricked out with six featurettes.

Regreso De La 4×4 & Te Pusieron El Dedo Compa

Relentless 3/Relentless 4

Rent Control

Rest Stop (R-Rated Edition/Unrated Edition)

A curiosity for Supernatural fans. This straight-to-DVD thriller was written and directed by the show's creator.

Roach Approach: Hairy Situation

The Robin Harris Story: We Don't Die, We Multiply

Room Servicing: One Call Away

A Room With a View (Music by Robert Nelson/Libretto by Buck Ross)

Salvage (Ws)

Sandlot: The Boxset

Senior Easy Sitting Arthritis Exercise DVD (Comes with 2 Light Weight Balls)

Senior Sitting Exercises

Senior Sitting Exercise with Light Weights (dumbbells)

Senior, Elderly Sitting Exercise with Resistance Bands (Comes with 2 Resistance Bands)

The Shooting Party

The Show Goes on: The Very Best of Neil Sedaka

Solitude (Collector's Edition)

Solo Con Tu Pareja – Criterion Collection

Soy Mojado Y Que

Spiral Box Set

Sportfighting 3 "100% Real Combat"

Starsky & Hutch – The Complete Fourth Season

Taggart: Evil Eye Set

Tenchi Muyo! Ryo Ohki – Target Tenchi (Vol. 2)

That '70s Show: Season 5

There Was No War in '72

There's Something About Mary

They All Laughed

Thug Connection

Total Combat: Respect (Spanish)

Trampa Para Un Inocente & Ya Somos Hombres (2pc)

Tres Peliculas De Accion 5 (3pc)

Tres Peliculas De Comedia 1 (3pc)

Tres Peliculas De Comedia 2 (3pc)

Tres Peliculas De Religioso (3pc)

True Story of the Nativity

Truth or Lies

Tumbas Abiertas

Two Drifters

Ultraman 2000 Depredador

The Very Best Of Sabrina – The Animated Series

Very Naughty Resort

Victimas De La Ambicion & Violencia En La Sierra

Videos-2003-2006 – Chemistry

The Virgin of Juarez

Vol. 1-Latinas Gone Crazy


Wanda Sykes – Sick and Tired

Went the Day Well?

West Coast Crime Story

Whales in Crisis

When the Sea Rises

Where the Heart Is

The Wiggles: A Wiggle-Tastic Collection

The World of Michihiro Sato

WWE – Hulk Hogan – The Ultimate Anthology

WWE – Unforgiven 2006

Xenakis:Complete Works for Percussion

Ya La Barranca Parrio & Arbol De La Horca (2pc)

Zatch Bell 6: Another Zatch

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  • “The Breakup” may be ok for a Saturday afternoon but only if you really, really have nothing better to do. I couldn’t decide which of them was the more annoying. Mind you Judy Davis was good as was Jon Favreau (once you get over how much weight he has gained; this is also true of Vincent D’Onofrio who is nearly unrecognizable in this flick).