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The Bourne Supremacy Review: Matt Should Really Teach Ben How To Act

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The beginning of the movie is great. It begins with refreshing the audience’s memory as to the fact that he’d hiding out and who he’s hiding out with. He’s having trouble sleeping because of the things that he remembers from when he was an assassin, and his love interest encourages him to write it down. This opening scene is great for establishing the relationship between these two, and developing the sentimental part of the story before delving into the action later on. Many mindless, testosterone-drenched, dry action movies start with a gratuitous action scene where in the end nothing is accomplished, no one is dead or injured, and the plot is in no better shape than it was before. However in this movie, it never substitutes shine for substance.

The acting done by Matt Damon, Julia Stiles, Brian Cox, and Joan Allen is impeccable. The movie is very suspenseful and action-packed with scenes that have great purpose, and are pulled off with poise and élan… with the exception of one scene where Bourne goes to visit a fellow former assassin to try to obtain information about why he’s being chased, and during their fight sequence, the camera is shaken around Blair Witch style to try to heighten the effect of the scene.

Matt Damon (one of my all-time favorite actors–The Talented Mr. Ripley should really show his friend Ben how a good action movie is SUPPOSED to be made. Paycheck made me want to slit my wrists. I agree with Richard Roeper in that The Bourne Supremacy is one of the best thrillers in recent years, and I recommend this movie to anyone and everyone who loves good acting, good writing, good directing (minus some shaky cameras), and in general, a good suspenseful, engaging film.

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  • Sandra

    I LOVE Matt Damon! He’s ten times better than Ben!

  • August

    Yeah, I pretty much agree with this review. I personally thought this movie was MUCH better than the first one–and most DEFINITELY better than the laughable Paycheck.

  • Billy

    Yeah, this movie was better in the way that X2 is MUCH better than X-Men. Hopefully The Bourne Ultimatum continues on that trend.

  • Ooh, now I think I want to write a review of X2. Whee….off I go.

  • Owen

    Ack. I hate Ben Affleck. He should really just be a stay at home dad and let his more talented wife bring home the bacon. Matt is awesome, though!

  • Jennifer Garner! Yay.

  • Naoto

    I personally liked The Bourne Identity more than The Bourne Supremacy. There was more action in the first one

  • Naoto

    I personally liked The Bourne Identity more than The Bourne Supremacy. There was more action in the first one

  • Barry

    Well there was more mindless action in the first one but the second one was much more smart and psychological

  • Yeah, exactly, I don’t like mindless action films where people run around shooting things for nothing

  • Naoto

    But what’s good about being smart if it’s boring?

  • How do you figure The Bourne Supremacy was in ANY way boring?

  • It wasn’t THAT much better than Identity because Identity was pretty good in itself.

  • I think Identity was pretty good, but I still think the plot was better in Supremacy

  • I think it was more interesting – predictable, but still interesting.

  • ::Nods::

  • Audrey

    Mmm…Matt Damon..

    -Foams at the mouth-

  • Tell me about it!

  • Audrey

    No seriously, I really think Matt Damon is one of the best actors (and hottest men) ever. And he’s really underrated. Why isn’t he doing more films??

  • You’re not alone in that, Audrey. You’re not alone.

  • I just watched TBS again tonight…and I’m sorry, I still think it’s way better than the first.

  • The Bourne Identity and second movie were full of boring, boring dialogue scenes. The two movies should have been edited down to 90 minutes of the most exciting parts. More explosions, more fighting, more emotion and passion in what the actors are saying, not just speaking in a subdued neutral manner as they are about to kill each other. This is what would make these movies a proper action ‘flick’ (because it is like a flickering picture, ha, outdated term). I don’t know why people like to watch these movies. I prefer James Bond.

    (Why do there have to be movies based on weird novels that gun fanatics or racing-car fanatics like to read?)