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The Bought Out Prime Minister and the Warning from the Settlers he is Betraying

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The bought out American creation, Benyamin Netanyahu, has bent over backwards to please his latest American master, Barack Obama, Jr., of the United States. Junior pressed his houseboy, Netanyahu, to agree first to an Arab state in the heart of the Land of Israel, then he pressed him for “goodwill gestures” that have resulted in the death of several Israelis by Arab terrorists, then he pressed Netanyahu to agree to negotiate with a “Palestinian” Arab “leadership” – people who have no right to negotiate anything except by the fiat of the United States. Finally he pressed Netanyahu to impose a building freeze in Judea, Samaria and Eastern Jerusalem, in order to “entice” the Arabs to talk.

Being a good houseboy, Netanyahu did all these things. And now that this freeze is supposed to end, Netanyahu has been under tremendous pressure to extend it further by Junior in the White House. And good houseboy that he is, he is succumbing.

This is how far the son of a respected Israeli scholar has fallen. Actually, he has fallen farther. As long warned by this writer, the United States is demanding a multinational force in Judea and Samaria “to expedite the Israel withdrawal from territory following negotiations.” Given his past record, Junior’s houseboy will likely agree — if he lasts, that is.

Infuriated by imminent betrayal, the leaders of the various residents committees, and councils of Judea and Samaria are warning that they will topple Netanyahu if he continues with a building freeze. According to Ynetnews, Chairman of the Samarian Regional Council, Gershon Mesika, compared Netanyahu to a former Prime Minister. “Netanyahu apparently wants to be like Sharon. The national camp will spit him out him and will topple his government,” he said.

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  • Ruvy

    We should invade and create the 51st state…

    Just a hypothetical for you, Lucas. I was born in America. I didn’t like it; I left. What is in it for me to be dragged back under American rule again? Where do I gain? Why shouldn’t I shoot at any American soldier I can and blow him to bits?

    This isn’t Europe after the war. My kids don’t need some damned non-kosher Hershey bar. And America is not a rich country anymore. So, what’s in all this for me and mine?

  • Lucas D. Gaffney

    I am an American. The Constitution is my Holy Book. To preserve Freedom in the world in our best interests.

    The Israeli/Palestinian Conflict is nothing but a mix of Religious Fanaticism, Tyranny, and Stupidity.

    God did not make any country. We should invade and create the 51st state; Or just leave them to tear each other apart. Not a single American life is worth defending this insanity.

  • Ruvy

    I addition to posting this on Facebook, I sent it as a message to a number of “friends” there, including 4 members of the Israeli parliament. A man with an ego as big as Netanyahu’s will not like being characterized as a “houseboy” to an incompetent like Soetoro/Obama – but that is what he is.