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The Boob I Missed

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Believe it or not, I actually looked down for one second during the half-time show and missed seeing Janet Jackson’s boob. Damnit! This is always my luck. I am going to have to hand in my “Guy Membership” card soon.

In any case, you know this whole thing was staged. Think about it. Year after year, people turn away from the Super Bowl halftime show to watch other networks or go throw up that Bean Dip they were washing down with gin. This year you could even watch the “Lingerie Bowl” on the old Pay-Per-View. You get your jollies watching scantily clad models wrestle for a football and come in Monday morning to tell everyone and all they are talking about is “The Boob.”

Damn! Next year you make note to watch the Super Bowl halftime. Simply brilliant, huh?

Another hint that this was coming (aside from the fact that CBS was promising a “Surprise Guest” during the spectacular… who would have thought it would be a breast? That was way better than my guess of Madonna.) was during the coin toss. Do you remember who tossed the coin?

Yep. That’s right. Hall of Famer Y. A. Tittle. That’s Tit -tle. That’s like in the exasperated statement “Why a Tit!”

The only thing I am left with today, having missed this particular nip-synch performance, is the nagging thought that somehow Janet’s other breast feels left out. I mean how would you feel if your twin had just become the most observed yabbaho in the history of mankind?

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  • You need a Tivo! According to Tivo, this was the “most reviewed footage ever”. According to their anonymous stats. Sure, they’re anonymous, that’s another whole question, it sure is interesting that they got on the bandwagon and published this.

    The message sent: IF you had a Tivo, you wouldn’t have missed this if you looked away for a moment Brian!

    Of course, you have the Internet, so no worries:

    Click here to link to the Janet Jackson boob flash.


  • You didnt miss a thing !

  • The Janet Jackson link did not work, anyone got a good one?