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The Body in the Attic

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The Body in the Attic, by Katherine Hall Page, takes readers once again into the Massachusetts town of Aleford where Faith Fairchild, her pastor husband Tom, and their two children reside. As the story opens, Tom has accepted a teaching position at the Divinity School of Harvard, the well known Ivy League school in Boston. There is a house not far from Tom’s work. Faith and the kids can live in Cambridge.

This is news to Faith, since Tom had known about the position for two weeks prior to informing her about it. As loath as she is to leave Aleford, however, Faith eventually gives in. After all, she could use a break, and Cambridge is only about twenty five minutes away.

Those who are fanatics about New England in general and Boston in particular are going to enjoy the vivid descriptions of the people and places. As in most historic places, there are people who have lived there for ages and know everything about everyone else. Which comes in handy to give newcomers a much required education.

Exploring the new house, though, brings a few unwelcome surprises. It is far too large even for a family of four. Why in the world the previous tenant would be a bachelor, I have no clue. The house is consistently cold and brings a serious draft into the room. What is most disturbing, though, is the attic. From the minute Faith steps in, she gets the idea that something ominous has happened. That just might be the understatement of the year.

A clever subplot as Faith running into a former lover while helping Tom with his outreach ministries. The intricacies of how to handle it will leave readers guessing until the end. Even more intricate is the diary which tells about a dark secret.

Katherine Hall Page has brought yet another enjoyable read to her readers. She wisely lets the story go down the path it knows best rather than where she might have it lead. The recipes at the back are a nice touch as well.

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