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The Blood Brothers- Crimes review

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The Blood Brothers- Crimes

Not too many good things come out of Seattle. There was Nirvana who
taught us it was ok to water down and commercialize heavy metal music,
there was the show Frasier that would induce confusion and paranoia on
people during the course of any given episode, and there is the space
needle. And I guess you can’t have a manly state unless you have
something resembling a giant phallic symbol pointing to the sky. But
never the less there is relief from the land of rain in the form of
The Blood Brothers, and their latest release Crimes. This release
won’t give the Seattle Mariners their balls back, but it will go a
long way in showing you that quality punk music can be found
anywhere…even in Seattle.
This CD is 13 tracks of music that might make your mother cry if you
play it loud enough. Aside from the ballad title track, the rest of
the album is an excellent blend of punk and elements from every other
musical style in existence. They even have some jazz and industrial
music thrown in there to punch you in the face with…if artists had the
power to punch you in the face while listening to their music…. Make
sure you run out and pick up crimes before the trendy emo kids get to
it. This album gets a 5 / 5 from me, and getting that is harder than
pretending to know what the square root of 56322 is.


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  • The Theory

    it’s a good album– though doesn’t hit quite as amazing as their prior album, Burn Piano Island, Burn.