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The Black Crowes Announce “Stuck Inside Utopia” Tour Dates

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The Black Crowes have announced dates for the first leg of their "Stuck Inside Utopia."  The "Utopia" tour will kick off in Virgina, just a few days before the band releases two albums simultaneously on September 1.

The Crowes will feature songs from those new albums as well as reaching deep into their back catalog.

"The Black Crowes fearlessly continue to search for the self made utopian ideals that makes rock and roll music the last true real American adventure," said Chris Robinson, Black Crowes front man.

In addition to Chris Robinson on vocals, the lineup for the "Utopia" tour includes Chris' brother, Rich, drummer Steve Gorman, Sven Pipien on bass, Adam MacDougall on keyboards, and North Mississippi All Star Luther Dickinson on guitar.  Dickinson teamed with the band for their Warpaint album and tour.  The Black Crowes have sold more than 20 million records worldwide.

What does it say that I'd rather pay more and drive two hours to see Black Crowes in Nashville than see them at Big Spring Park, 10 minutes from my apartment here in Huntsville?  It says I don't like festivals.  I don't handle the throngs of people that well.  Too many drunks in a confined area never yields good times no matter how great the band ostensibly at the center of it all is.  

It says I prefer air conditioned buildings to the sweltering heat of the outdoors.  It says I don't like standing in the rain, either.  It also says I know that Ryman Auditorium — formerly the home of the Grand Ole Opery — is one of the truly great, historic buildings on the concert circuit these days.  

I've lived in Huntsville for the better part of 18 years and I've never attended Big Spring Jam.  Part of that is because the festival rarely attracts really good acts.  Part of that is because this just isn't my scene.  I'm not saying there's anything wrong with it.  I know several people who go every year and have a good time each time.  It's the equation of me and the festival that's the problem.

So, what am I going to do?  I guess I'm going to take my shot at getting tickets to the Ryman show.  If I'm successful, I can decide whether or not to make my inaugural appearance at the Jam and see them twice.  If I'm unsuccessful, I still have the Jam to fall back on.  I've never known the event to sell out, so my odds here are good.  I have that in my back pocket.  I could very easily go from never having attended a Black Crowes show to seeing them twice in two days, and making my first trip to my hometown's music festival in the process.  For the rest of you needing to plan your trip, here is the full run of dates:



Tue, August 25 @ Vienna, VA – Wolf Trap/The Filene Center (w/Truth & Salvage Co. – On Sale Now)

Wed, August 26 @ Hyannis, MA – Cape Cod Melody Tent (w/Truth & Salvage Co. – On Sale Now)

Thu, August 27 @ Boston, MA – Bank of America Pavilion (w/Levon Helm Band – On Sale 6/12)

Sat, August 29 @ Atlantic City, NJ – Borgata Event Center (w/Levon Helm Band – On Sale 6/13)

Sun, August 30 @ Baltimore, MD – Ram's Head Live (An Evening With – On Sale 6/12)

Mon, August 31 @ Lancaster, PA – American Music Theatre (w/Truth & Salvage Co. – On Sale 6/20)


Wed, September 2 @ New York, NY – Rumsey Playfield @ Central Park Summerstage (w/Levon Helm Band and Truth & Salvage Co. – On Sale 6/12)

Fri, September 4 @ Westbury, NY – Theatre at Westbury (w/Truth & Salvage Co. – On Sale 6/12)

Sat, September 5 @ Asbury Park, NJ – Stone Pony Summerstage (w/Truth & Salvage Co. – On Sale 6/12)

Sun, September 6 @ Virginia Beach, VA – American Music Festival (w/Truth & Salvage Co. – On Sale TBA)

Tue, September 8 @ Bridgeport, CT – The Klein (w/Truth & Salvage Co. – On Sale 6/14)

Wed, September 9 @ Jim Thorpe, PA – Penn's Peak (w/Truth & Salvage Co. – On Sale 6/13)

Fri, September 11 @ Utica, NY – Saranac Brewery (w/Truth & Salvage Co. – On Sale 6/12)

Sat, September 12 @ Rama, Ontario – Casino Rama (An Evening With – On Sale 6/14)

Sun, September 13 @ London, Ontario – Centennial Hall (w/Truth & Salvage Co. – On Sale 6/12)

Wed, September 16 @ Providence, RI – Lupo's (An Evening With – On Sale 6/12)

Thu, September 17 @ Burlington, VT – Higher Ground (An Evening With – On Sale 6/12)

Fri, September 18 @ Kingston, NY – Ulster Performing Arts Center (w/Truth & Salvage Co. – On Sale 6/16)

Thu, September 24 @ Oklahoma City, OK – Oklahoma State Fair (w/Truth & Salvage Co. – On Sale 6/20)

Fri, September 25 @ Huntsville, AL – Big Spring Jam (Festival w/Truth & Salvage Co. – On Sale Now)

Sat, September 26 @ Nashville, TN – Ryman Auditorium (w/Truth & Salvage Co. – On Sale 6/19)

Mon, September 28 @ Oxford, MS – The Lyric (w/Truth & Salvage Co. – On Sale 6/19)

Tue, September 29 @ Knoxville, TN – Tennessee Theatre (w/Truth & Salvage Co. – On Sale 6/19)

Wed, September 30 @ Charlotte, NC – The Fillmore (w/Truth & Salvage Co. – On Sale 6/19)


Fri, October 2 @ Asheville, NC – Thomas Wolfe Auditorium (w/Truth & Salvage Co. – On Sale 6/19)

Sat, October 3 @ Atlanta, GA – Chastain Park Amphitheatre (w/Truth & Salvage Co. – On Sale 6/14)

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About Josh Hathaway

  • surely there will be more dates to come

  • dang, i’d really like to see them but i have boycotted that bank boston pavilion. honestly, it’s not a bad venue as far as sight lines go, but it’s always full of people drinking, yakking, and doing everything else but watching and listening. you’ve heard me speak of the place. it was where Gillian Welch opened for Nora Jones and had to beg the crowd to be quiet. sad.

    still, i’m tempted….

  • that’s not the pavillon’s fault. you need to boycott humanity. The Crowes should be loud and most of the fans stoned, so talking should be to a minimum.

  • Bicho, this is the first leg. There will be more, I’m almost positive.

    Yeah, Mark, you’ll get a contact high for sure. I’m (probably) boycotting the festival and putting my hopes on a trip to Nashville. Finally someone good comes to Huntsville and I’m still going to Nashville. That’s kind of fucked up.

    I am eager to hear the new albums.

  • see, this is the problem for somebody like me: i wear earplugs at shows, which unfortunately allows me to hear the yammering. though hmmm…though yeah, the weed might keep ’em quiet.

    heck, i don’t even own War Paint. maybe today…

  • Warpaint is an exceptional album that received rave reviews from the two critics who listened to it before reviewing it (in other words, listen to Bicho and I and ignore Maxim).

  • I also reviewed it and liked it.