The Big “O”

Please Share...Print this pageTweet about this on TwitterShare on Facebook0Share on Google+0Pin on Pinterest0Share on Tumblr0Share on StumbleUpon0Share on Reddit0Email this to someone sells shit that has already failed in the marketplace at least once before. They sell this shit at highly-discounted prices. I have bought shit from there before, and can confirm that it is, indeed, pretty much shit.

Their products are not worthy of note.

But their advertisements are.

I am certain I am not the only male reading this whose pants have suddenly gotten two-sizes smaller watching one of these ads.

These ads feature this incredibly hot chick on camera, wearing seductive clothing, talking about the “secret” of the “Big O” in an inimitable purr.

I would gladly buy whatever crap the site she is shilling for is selling, if only she would appear in longer-running ads. Say, a Ross Perot-style 30-minute infomercial.

This would provide me, and millions of other perverted TV viewers, with masturbatory fodder for weeks.

My plea to the people at

Please run more (and longer) ads starring this angelic creature. I’ll buy MC Hammer CDs, or Chia Pets, or whatever the fuck you’re selling.


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