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The Best Way To Be Profitable At The Races

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There are some people that claim to be successful at betting on horse races, one must use exotics, place and show, minus pools and two horse win betting. Being a proof positive person, I would need to see this before the fact (predicting the outcome of a race before it is run) on a long term basis. What my left eye sees, my right eye will believe. Talk is cheap.

I have been using PaceAppraiser since its inception to bet on horse racing, and it has worked for me. For those that are unfamiliar with it, let me explain what it is.

PaceAppraiser is a computer-assisted racing form that adheres to a handicapping method best described in a book written by Randy Giles called Extreme Pace Handicapping. Randy and Jason Giles provide this form which can be gotten with a paid subscription. Anyone that may have an interest in this can access his web site.

I produced 44 winners out of 121 races in last November’s Meadowlands Survival Challenge and had a healthy ROI (return of investment) as well. And all I used was PaceAppraiser and the concepts from Giles’ book as a standalone tool.

After finishing first in the winners category, I started to look into the value aspect of horse race handicapping and betting, and was fortunate enough to purchase a copy of Steve Fieros’ book The Four Quarters Of Horse Investing. This, in combination with PaceAppraiser, proved to be what I needed to take my game to the next level. It is my belief that win betting and playing the “value” is the only way to win and show a profit at betting horses.

I have no doubt that there are some very sharp people out there that can indulge us all with their accomplishments before the fact and in the long term. I’ve seen lots of rhetoric and hearsay on this subject but I have not seen anything that could substantiate the many faceless claims that flourish on the horse racing forums.

Horse racing, for me, is not about picking winners. It’s about making money.

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