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The Best Songs of 2004 [Biased in favor of the electronica genre]

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I can’t say this has been a bad year for music, but a number of major names have had disappointing releases. Because of personal preferences, the list is heavily biased in favor of electronica outfits. In no particular order, the tracks are:
1. Crystal Method ft Lisa [Bellrays] – “Realizer” [The standout track from an outstanding album, Legion of Boom. “Keep-ing Hope Alive”, circa 2004, are the boys from L.A.]

2. Franz Ferdinand – “Take Me Out” (Naum Gabo mix, Johnnie Wilkes) [Catchy, unpretentious ROCK]

3. The Prodigy with Juliette Lewis [yes, the weird actress]- “Spitfire” [The only decent track on their long-awaited release, Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned. Arabia, here comes electro].

4. The Chemical Brothers ft Q-Tip – “Galvanize” [The Last Emperors of Electronica, still pushing the boundaries of creativity after all these years. Seems like everybody’s doing the Arab thing this year.]

5. Moby and Public Enemy – “MKLVFKWR” [The lesser I say about the lyrics, the better. A great oriental-sounding riff saves the song, and propels it into my top 25.]

6. Freestylers – “Get a Life” [Breakbeat Era (the band) revisited. ]

7. Junior Jack – “Stupidisco” [‘House Anthem’ seems to be his middle name these days]

8. Lemon Jelly – “Stay With You” [Some of the most melodious scratching I have ever heard on a record, suspiciously similar to a sample on KMFDM’s “Megalomaniac”]

9. Latinsizer [a member of the Nortec Collective, yes!] – “Ritmo 55” [Can the Tijuana DJs commit no wrong?]

10. Kasabian – “Processed Beats” [An awesome single from an album that does have its lows. Flashback to Primal Scream’s heyday]

11. Rachid Taha – “Tekitoi” [Rachid Taha is back to his punk roots, but this is punk with a distinct Arab flavor. Must say, his older stuff is better.]

12. Rammstein – “Amerika” [Okay, not as good as their past stuff, but its still awesome compared to crap dished out by over-rated nu metalheads and punk rockers, Linkin’ Park and Blink 182]

13. Lazyboy – “Underwear Goes Inside The Pants” [Everybody’s Free To Wear Sunscreen, 2004 edit? Baz Luhrmann, HELLO!]

14. Kelis – “Trick Me” [I love the way she experiments with new sounds. Full marks to production team, The Neptunes.]

15. Beastie Boys – Ch”-Check It Out” [As good as “Intergalactic”, or even “Fight For Your Right To Party”]

16. Snoop Doggy Dogg and The Doors – “Riders On The Storm” [Fredwreck Mix – by far, one of the best ever remixes of a rock classic]

17. Air – “Cherry Blossom Girl” [Takes you back to the days of “Sexy Boy” and “Kelly Watch The Stars”]

18. Bjork – “Triumph of a Heart” [Good track, but she was better back in the day. Plaid and Howie B, come and revive the Bjork of old]

19. Scribe – “Not Many” [Here’s a lad who will give King Kapisi, Salmonella Dub, and Freq Nasty a run for their money. Malo Luafutu, a pat on the back for you, mate]

20. PJ Harvey – “Shame” [For the first time EVER, I could actually listen to a track by her and not puke in disgust. Where’s Fiona Apple?]

21. Modest Mouse – “Ocean Breathes Salty” [One of the most catchy riffs of the year]

22. Goldie Lookin’ Chain – “Guns Don’t Kill People Rappers Do” [Mocking our beloved gangstas, just like DJ Vadim and Sarah Jones did with the cynical, feminist “Your Revolution”.]

23. Armand Van Helden – “My, My, My” [Mr. Ultrafunkula returns with a bang, and trust you me, its BIG]

24. U2 – “Vertigo” (Jacknife Lee 12″ Mix) [A remix in the style of our man, DJ Tomcraft]

25. John Butler Trio – Zebra [Blues for the Prozac generation by an Aussie-American]

Honorable mentions: R.E.M. [long live Michael Stipe] and Prince [TAFKAP]. I still love your work. Fatboy Slim, on the other hand, has managed to make a career of creating mediocre and below-average happy softcore records his labels market as “bigbeat”. Bigbeat my balls. I think its time for Mr. Norman Cook to go back to playing bass in the Housemartins. I must state here – U2 is beginning to sicken me with their formula tunes. That is precisely why I had to list a remix, instead of the original single. I miss Zooropa and the critically panned, electronica-focused Pop.

British band The Music deserve a paragraph to themselves. Their album,
Welcome To The North
is so amazing that listing a single track in the top 25 would have been an insult to these youngsters who are spearheading a revival of classic rock. If you can, listen to their self-titled debut album, which is equally brilliant.

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  • I agree with you on U2, The Beasties, and Franz Ferdinand. I didn’t really like the Moby/Public Enemy joint, but I appreciate the effort.

    I have to, just have to, check out the Snoop Dogg/The Doors on “Riders on the Storm.” I can only hope that it’s not the disaster that became P Diddy and Jimmy Paige on “Kashmir.”

    Eric Berlin
    Dumpster Bust: Miracles from Mind Trash

  • Eric Olsen

    very interesting and informative list, thanks Salvia!

  • Mr. Berlin, the Fredwreck remix of Riders on the Storm is brilliant – do check it out. Available on the OST for Need for Speed Underground -2.
    As for Moby, the MKLVFKWR sample was pretty good – don’t know what happened to the lyrical content though.

    Thanks Eric.:)

  • Ali

    I think that u really r biased, even if thats wot u r deliberately being but I still fink its wrong. U shud do the gr8est hits and best solo artists n stuff. U know like Beyonce did better than Kelly Rowland, LE Tasha and La Toya but now Destinys Child have got back together she’s brought the three up a level. Solo artists should be mentioned like Robbie Williams and Natasha Bedingfield and u shud do more than blues, rnb, rap etc, u should do different sections for ALL types of music, including country western. I mentioned cuntry western because the amount peopl listening to it have dropped incredibly!

  • Ali, I appreciate your concern, but I can only do a personal favorites, as I’ve clearly stated at the beginning or the post.

  • batman

    shit no help at all n snoop dogg riders on the storm is shit so are the rest of them

  • batman

    shit no help at all n snoop dogg riders on the storm is shit so are the rest of them