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The Best Of The Bizarre

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It is a truly strange world we live in. Almost everyday I come across some strange news story. Often these are events happening in far-flung parts of the world that, prior to the introduction of the 24/7 news channels and perhaps more importantly, the advent of the Internet would have gone unnoticed by most of us. No news story is too small to get some sort of attention, and it is so much more fun than reading about politics!

A quick browse around the news and information sites this afternoon revealed some delightful stories showing that the human spirit for innovation and being slightly off centre is alive and well. Reuters is running several stories of the wild and whacky.

Police in India's Western state of Gujarat are going to be wearing new uniforms impregnated with the fragrance of flowers and citrus to help improve their image. Could this be the way of the future? Sweet smelling cops?

Out of Finland comes a delightful tale of political insanity. A Finnish member of parliament is aiming for re-election by campaigning with a translation of his Web site into Klingon, as in the TV series Star Trek. The story explains this was not an easy task. Although there is a Klingon-English dictionary (obviously someone had way too much time on their hands), the dictionary is not comprehensive, so a few words had to be invented.

The movie Borat is selling well in Kazakhstan, which is surprising as the movie lampoons the place. I guess this just goes to prove that Kazakhatanis have a great sense of humor. They like it so much that while it is not actually available for sale in the country, they are more than willing to pay the 505 Kazakhstani Tenge ($4) charge to have it shipped from the United Kingdom.

Rounding out the Best of the Bizarre has to be the fabulous story surrounding the Israeli ambassador to El Salvador. Local police found him in the yard of the official Israeli residence in San Salvador in, to say the least, a compromising position. The reports said he was drunk, naked, bound and gagged with a rubber ball in his mouth, and surrounded by sex toys. I am pretty sure this will put a bit of a damper on Tsuriel Raphael’s diplomatic career.

All of these stories came straight from Reuters, but if you look at the other news sites, you can find just as many great tales of human lunacy. I could spend all day just reading the news. I love the Internet!

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