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The Best Free Game Apps For iPhone

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In the last couple days I have tackled the subjects of the best free game apps for both iPad and Android. Now, for iPhone users, I want to reveal some of the best free game apps for iPhone!

There are many amazing games available for your iPhone, but which ones are the best?

Here are my top picks for the best free game apps for iPhone.

Words With Friends

This app is just like scrabble except you can play with your friends and (unlike the actual scrabble app) it is free!

Word Scramble

This is another fun word game you can play with your friends.  Connect the letters to make words and get points.


Try to leave just one peg standing at the end of the game and you are the winner!

Hearts Free

Avoid the hearts and queen of spades at all costs; otherwise, you may get to 100 points first and lose!

Minesweeper Classic

Find all the mines in order to win!  But be careful because if you click on one, you lose!

Golf Putt Pro

If you are a golfer, you will love this app.  Get the ball in the hole in as few putts as possible!

Dots Free

Connect the dots to make boxes.  Win the game by making more boxes than your opponent!

Angry Birds Lite

Why this game is so fun is beyond me, but be careful, you may get addicted to it!

FarmVille by Zynga

FarmVille fans rejoice, you can now download an app onto your iPhone and play FarmVille any place, any time!  Your crops will never die again!


Try to get the bouncy ball as high as you can without letting it fall!  The higher you get, the more points you get!

Have any more great free iPhone game apps not listed here?  Share them in the comment section!


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  • Anonymous

    Try out Hoggy, it’s free and so much fun!

  • jack

    i got 899 first time,
    but my high score is 8667.
    so you need to get a bit higher to beat me.

  • You guys should check out Ninjump which is a free app.

    I must have spent hours playing this game, and yet I can not for the life in me beat my score of 8657 :/.

    Can any one do better?