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The Best Free Android Game Apps

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I recently wrote an article about some of the best free game apps for iPad. Now, for all you Android users out there, I want to tackle the subject of the best game apps for Android!

There are so many game apps available for Android and sifting through them can be a daunting task.

Here are my top 10 picks for the best free game apps for Android.

Live Poker –  Texas Hold’em

With this app, you can play Texas Hold’em against your friends or other players even if your they don’t have an Android.  Best of all, you don’t have to worry about losing actual money because it’s just a game!

Wordfeud FREE

This game is like scrabble and you can play against your friends or random opponents.  It is a great app if, like me, you are into word games.


This is basically Pac-Man except with a different name.  Why the name is changed is beyond me, but if you loved playing Pac-Man as a kid, you will love this app.

Classic Tetris

I remember playing Tetris on my old school Gameboy as a kid.  This app is such a blast from the past!

Super Slot

I haven’t been to Vegas but I always loved slot machines.  With this app, you can play the slots all you want and you don’t have to worry about losing money because it’s just a game!


Sodoku seems to be a pretty popular game nowadays.  With this app, you can play it anywhere, anytime!


This game used to be a big hit back when I was in elementary school.  Guide the snake so it eats the dots, but make sure it doesn’t hit the wall; otherwise, you lose!  

Toss It

This game brags it is the best casual game on the market.  I can see why.  Even though it’s simple, it’s addicting!  Good luck tossing the paper into the trash can!

Open WordSearch

I used to love word searches when I was a kid.  With this app, I can relive the good old days!


This app is too funny.  Stack the boxes so they don’t fall over.  If they get off balance, they make worried faces.  It’s very entertaining.

Got any great free Android game apps not listed here?  Share them in the comment section!


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