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The Best Defense Against Rising Gas Prices? A Strong (Credit Card) Offensive

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Like getting a speeding ticket on the way home from work, it’s hard to stomach watching your daily earnings tick away at the gas pump. And with the national average price for a gallon of regular today at $3.92, according to AAA’s Daily Fuel Gauge Report, we’re oh so close to being dealt a gut shot by the $4 gallon. But there’s really no reason why we have to be at the sole mercy of rising prices borne from political turmoil half a world away. Indeed, there are a number of interesting ways to fight back against high gas prices.

Sure, you can avoid lugging around junk that weighs down your car and reduces your miles per gallon. You can also simply drive less or not at all. But in an ideal world, we wouldn’t have to make significant lifestyle changes when the numbers adorning the signage along the highway begin their annual trek upward.

That, of course, is where gas rewards credit cards come into play. I’d hazard to guess that a majority of people who pay for gas do so with plastic anyway in order to benefit from the convenience of not having to venture inside to give cash to an attendant, so why not use a card that will automatically save you 5% on every fill-up?

After an examination of more than 1,000 credit card offers, that’s how worthwhile the best gas credit card – the PenFed Platinum Rewards Card – can be. Plus, it gives you a $250 initial bonus and 3% off each dollar you spend on groceries.

These savings aren’t going to make rising gas prices painless, but when money is tight, every penny counts.

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