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The Best Bras for Well-Endowed Women

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Many say I have been blessed. I agree most of the time, but being a size 34F can also be a pain. They're a pain when cleaning under the bed (they get in the way while crawling under), running (because they bounce and that hurts), finding a prom dress (so they don’t pop out), and most importantly, finding a good bra. These babies can be heavy, so if I don't take care of them now, they can sag like my grandma's when I'm 30. I don't want that, but I also prefer not to wear granny bras, especially the kind that make my breasts pointy. Well, the bra industry is starting to get the picture because there are now a good number of sexy bras for the blessed. I'm a believer in these two bras:

1. The Hollywood Exxtreme Cleavage Bra by Fredericks: I've been buying this bra for two years and it never gets old. Despite being a push-up, it provides moderate coverage and enough push-up to be sexy, but I never feel like I'm falling out or about to show my nipples. The pads are inside a pouch with slips, so if you want the bra to provide more coverage, just take them out. I hardly ever wear the pads and I can prove it by the collection of them in the bottom of my closet. It's not made for sports, but it will serve that purpose also. My boobs are notorious bouncers, but they stay put in this bra. Not good if you want a bra to last more than a year, but great if you have no other alternatives.

The designer also understands that just because our boobs are big doesn't mean we don't want choices. The bra comes, of course, in basic colors, but they also have every color in the rainbow, satin and lace blends, and other cute designs. The last time I went shopping, I bought a polka-dot bra and there was also a zebra print available. Who would have thought that? Currently on the company website, they also have a limited time Pink Ribbon bra to support breast cancer awareness. This bra rocks.

2. Dream Angels Demi by Victoria's Secret: Unfortunately, this store does not carry cup sizes above a DD, which makes me want to throw rocks at them because I'd like to be a loyal shopper there. Since I recently started working here, however, I wanted to see if I can still take advantage of getting a free bra by being new, and this one is the only one I like.

I like it so much, however, that I bought two more. I have this bra in a 34 DD, but the way it's designed, it's a good enough fit. The light lining makes me able to stuff it just enough so my breasts won't fall out, but because of the size it shows my boobies in a very positive light. With the composition material being nylon, spandex, and lace around the edges and the sides, this is a great bra under t-shirts, in the bedroom, or for lounging around at home. It's also an okay sports bra, but because of the material, not recommended. Plus my breasts did bounce more with this bra than the Exxteme Bra. If a Victoria's Secret bra is desired, this is the one to get. I'm wearing it right now.

Some cities also have the Bust Stop, which have bras that come up to a 60K (now those boobies are huge!) and great staff that wants to make sure the bra fits absolutely perfectly. I was against it at first because I'm a young woman and I assumed they'd just have granny bras, but they actually have some bras that can beat Victoria's Secret in fit, style, and comfort. Be careful though. Since some bras here are made in Europe, some can be very pricy. Be prepared.

Take it from a young woman with big breasts who purposely looks for sexy bras that won't let the boobs sag down to the knees — these are the places to go and the bras to get. The end.

Now go and buy some bras.

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  • Kt

    Le Mystere is also a very good label for this.

    They are expensive, but they last years if you don’t put them in the dryer.