The Beer Summit

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Many of you may remember that President Obama held a "beer summit" with Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr. and Mass. Police Officer, Sgt. James Crowley. This was an attempt to iron out differences between the two gentlemen, as there had been a bit of a conflict. I believe that this was a great idea; I don't know which one of the president's advisors came up with it, but it needs to continue. I'm going to address the idea of a "beer summit," and hopefully we can solve some of the world's problems by continuing to hold beer summits.

First, a definition: a beer summit is the gathering of men and beer at which any of the following topics can and will be discussed: politics, religion, beer, sports, women, and philosophy. Keep in mind that these are not the only topics of discussion, as there are many world problems that must be solved over a cold brew.

The beer summit is an opportunity for a man to express his beersculinity and flex his philosophical muscles. As a matter of fact, it should be more than an opportunity, it should be mandatory! Men need to express themselves, which is something that we are not always allowed to do at home.

Without an outlet to let his voice be heard a man's head will explode. I've seen this happen, and it is not a pretty sight. Typically this will take place when a nagging boss or wife begins to speak after a man has gone an extended period of time without a beer summit.  

Beer summits do not have to follow a particular formula; they can be vastly different depending on who is attendance. There may be sports on the television, such as football, baseball, basketball, or UFC. They can take place in the wilderness sitting by a fire, surrounded by animals. Or maybe at a card table in the garage with money on the line and cigars billowing smoke into the night.

Summits need to be held regularly. I recommend having them on a weekly basis as the world is constantly changing and continuously needs our attention. However if this is not a possibility for you, then you must hold them at lease once a month. This is a minimum of 12 times a year, not much to ask with so much at stake.

Over the years as I have attended beer summits my compadres and I have solved many of the world's problems, but alas world leaders have felt they've known better. If only they would hold their own beer summits, they would understand and maybe, just maybe, we could truly move forward.

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