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The BCS is Right as Ohio State Readies For Florida

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No matter what happens with the final BCS polling, there will always be complaints. That will remain true as long as the final X number of teams don’t get the opportunity to play the hierarchy to completion in a special “end-of-year tournament” that the rest of the sports universe calls “playoffs.”

But for now, that argument is tired and I don’t think there are significant numbers of thinking individuals who support BCS polling and bowl games as a ranking method to continue with that argument. Instead, we have another BCS poll that moved teams around based on the last week’s play and seeded the teams into spots for the bowl season. And miraculously enough, the BCS is right this year.

Before Michigan fans plan a Jihad upon my home, let me tell you why.

Michigan ended up where it belonged in the BCS, despite what some ESPN writers think. I think Michigan is probably the second best team in the nation OVER Florida, but how many times have we seen this in other sports?

In 2004, the Yankees and Red Sox fought tooth and nail to face St. Louis when the Red Sox won the ALCS, and subsequently swept St. Louis for the World Series crown. But, I think the Yankees would have smacked St. Louis in the World Series too. That doesn’t mean that we get an ALCS rematch and cast St. Louis to the side. The fact is that Michigan lost to Ohio State already. They had their chance on the field and they lost. Now Florida should have that chance.

In this system with the way it is set up, when you look at a two-team race between Michigan and Florida for a chance to play in the National Championship game, there is only two stats that matters: the two teams each have one loss and endured a tough schedule. The only thing that matters in my mind is that Ohio State already beat Michigan on the field. So, even if Michigan “projects” to be a better team than Florida, Florida gets the game.

End of story.

And Michigan fans, I know you are all crazed right now because of the “injustice.” But what would have happened if Michigan had beaten Ohio State in the final game of the regular season? If Ohio State lost the game against Michigan, they would be playing LSU, because they wouldn’t deserve to play in the National Championship either.

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  • Dag nabbit. Well, now I don’t have to write a BCS article. Everything’s been said.


    Someone explain how the Colley Matrix computer ranking put Florida ahead of Ohio State.

  • Thanks for the kind words sir.

  • My favorite college football team in Michigan. My second favorite is Florida. (My third favorite is UCF, but please pretend I didn’t just write that.)

    Both UM and UF had (have) a shot at winning the NC this year. I am pleased.

    I am also happy to see Boise State get themselves a BCS Bowl.

  • Another alternative is described at my blog using the Swiss system tournament. It’s specifically designed for short tournaments with large number of participants and provides excellent games in each round and a robust system to determine the beat team.

  • partymonger

    i agree, under the circmstances, florida should go 10 out 10 times before Michigan in this year’s BCS, for the very fact that Michigan DID NOT WIN THEIR CONFERENCE, and everyone who wants to whine about it, need to whine to the Big 10 to create a CONFERENCE CHAMPIONSHIP GAME, and they would have played again this past saturday, and thats where it should be decided…………

    (just as Oklahoma should have never played against LSU in 2003, for not winning their conference)

  • The key to the argument is that if Ohio State doesn’t win their game against Michigan then they shouldn’t get the rematch either.