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The BBC discovers blogging

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Some interesting comments in this article, most of them from the readers at the end. It’s particularly hard to disagree with this statement:

The great thing about blogs is that anyone can set one up. The only problem is that anyone can set one up.

Someone else made the interesting point that the hype around blogging is kind of like the hype around the World Wide Web nine or ten years ago, and that:

Alternative perspectives are good as touchstones to keep the media in perspective, but a professional news media that trades on its accuracy and integrity rather than its writer’s ego is the only way to ensure that anybody gets the full picture of anything.

That’s assuming there is such a professional news media out there. Most professional news media appear to be full of ego-driven performers with their own agendas, be they opinion columnists or actual media proprietors. And then there’s this:

The bloggers I am already aware of seem to have all the time in the world to sit and write their hubristic and self-opinionated garbage – goodness knows how they get the day job done and its a wonder their managers haven’t spotted it. Life is too short to go around reading all this stuff.

Not so short, apparently, that there isn’t time to publicly complain to the BBC about how crap blogs are.

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