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The Barry Stoller Jukebox – Bonus tracks

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  • mmm, looks like the content got excised from above … Alright, all you weirdos bemoaning the lack of new Barry Stoller fodder, here are a few 45s I left off my first two lists…

    1. ‘Istanbul’ – Joe ‘Fingers’ Carr and His Ragtime Band – Capitol F2665 – 1958. Talk about ’50s kitsch. This was the tune blasting as the ‘grownups’ brought in the New Year ’59 and Uncle Joey wore the lampshade on his head and goosed Mom in front of the kids who shoulda been asleep but couldn’t ’cause the music was so dang loud. Bad move, Uncle Joey! Of course, no one ever played this record again … until some 20 years later when the little delinquents snuck into the attic and wanted to hear some of those old-timey tunes. Hey, sounds just as good with paint thinner as it did with martinis. Generation gap – what generation gap?

    2. ‘Overture From Tommy’ – The Who – Decca 732729 – 1969. Somewhere between their scruffy Top 40 heyday and their reincarnation as eternal AOR bores, The Who recorded the ‘first rock opera,’ briefly integrating both their positive and negative characteristics simultaneously. The LP is way too long with too few authentically rockin’ moments, but this 45 instrumental ‘medley’ of hit themes is the perfect consolidation. Practically acoustic, it nevertheless rocks out hard, thanks primarily to Keith Moon who played the drums like Hendrix played guitar.

    3. ‘Mamma Mia’ – Abba – Atlantic 3315 – 1975. Did it ever occur to you that Abba and Queen were actually… the same band? One package for little girls, one for little boys. I have no difficulty imagining Queen bashing out this pompous piece of overproduced fluff on, say, their fourth or fifth album. Hell, that processed guitar tone is identical. And … do ya think Abba could do Queen? Dude, when I first heard ‘Bohemian Rhapsody,’ I coulda swore it was Abba! These are the most bourgeoisified bands in the world (all passion, [but] no emotion) – and proud of it!

    Well, that’s it … for a while!