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The Baptist Generals- No Silver/No Gold

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Dark. Quirky. Weird. Those three words describe the album cover which features a grey baby, black helicopters, and a dark background. It is fairly haunting. Flip the cd over to the back cover and there is a golden brown upon which is lightly printed the titles of the cd in gold.

So my first impression is dark, quirky, and weird. I open the cd case and put the cd in my cd player. The first track brings to mind the words, dark, quirky, weird, and bad. The first track ends with the singer bumping something over in the recording studio and shouting a lot of expetives. Not a good first impression, boys. The 2nd track redeems it’s self a wee bit by adding the word “potential” to my list. And thus the cd continues. There are, all said, perhaps, 3 songs I like.

Ok, so what is this? What does it sound like? Either mix the Boas, 16 Horsepower, and the Danielson Famile together; or to peg a specific genre, it fits into the alt.country classification, I guess. Add some nasty production, have the vocals hiss and fuzz when the vocalist sings loud, or intense, or high, and make the vocals dominate all the other instruments. Speaking on the instruments, have it so they repeat the same progression throughout the whole song. In the same “strum down fiercely on every beat” pattern.

Almost all of the songs grate against my nerves. Every note throws splinters at my raw nerves. “Jab… Jab… Jab.” I have to take it out. Only the sugariest of pop can cure the pain that The Baptist Generals have caused me. I put in Sixpence None the Richer’s “Kiss Me” single and put it on repeat. I zone out and let the music heal my soul.

[Passage of time]

So I pride myself on loving unique music. I have broad taste. Some of my favorite cds right now fall into everything from country to rap to metal. And everything inbetween. I wanted to like this so bad. The band name is very cool. Yet, I’ve still stumbled upon a cd that is too weird for me. Tomorrow, I’ll be re-shrink wraping the cd and I will return it.

Why am I calling this cd weird and not bad? Why am i harping on how it is too weird for me instead of saying this just plain sucks? Because listening to the cd, I hear what The Baptist Generals wanted me to hear. This was how they wanted the cd to turn out. If this was the sound they were aiming for, who am I to say it is bad?

If you are adventurous and like weird, country music go ahead and give this a try. But I personally cannot recomend it.


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