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The Band – A Musical History review

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Few groups have had a more important place in the history of rock and roll than The Band. While not the hottest selling they were among the best. So I got pretty excited when the opportunity to review “The Band’s A MUSICAL HISTORY 5-CD + DVD BOX SET” came along.

Wish I could review it. All this reviewer received was a 18-cut CD/sampler — pretty similar to a “greatest hits” album. But offerings like this are about so much more than just the music cuts. This is how the press material describes the offiering

Executive produced by Robbie Robertson, The Band’s new career-spanning box set, A Musical History, is the most comprehensive collection ever created for the group. Packaged within a 108-page hardcover book brimming with previously unseen photos and memorabilia are five CDs and one DVD documenting The Band’s entire recording career from 1963 to 1976. Among the set’s 111 audio and video tracks are 37 previously unreleased recordings and filmed clips captured live and in-studio. To be released on September 27 by Capitol/EMI Music Catalog Marketing, this definitive collection features a cover painting of The Band by world-renowned artist Ed Ruscha and extensive biographical liner notes by the Grammy-winning writer Rob Bowman. In-demand producer partners Cheryl Pawelski and Andrew Sandoval, who also teamed for the in-depth restoration of The Band’s original Capitol albums in 2000 and 2001, joined Robertson on the project.

That’s pretty exciting stuff. If I could, I would tell you about all the great information in the book and on the DVD. If I could, I would tell you about how this set clearly documents the extraordinary place of The Band in modern musical history. If I could I would tell you that this set is a must have for any serious lover of rock and roll and it’s history.

As it is, I can tell you that The Band made great music. I can tell you that the very few of the 37 previsouly unreleased cuts I was able to sample are really good, but then that is not surprizing from this group.

Boxed sets like this are not really about the music. People that would consider laying out this kind of cash for music likely already have all the original recordings. Nope, boxed sets like this are about the “extras” – the video, the unrelased material, the written word — the story that goes with the music. Wish I could tell you about that.

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  • RogerMDillion

    Are you new to reviewing music? Companies never give away boxed sets for review, so stop your whining.

  • Mr. Dillion, if Mr. Schroeder is a first-timer, what is the purpose behind rebuking him in such a nasty fashion? It was possible for you to offer advice without being inhumane about it.

  • RogerMDillion

    Ms. Davis, do you really think that the music company is going to be happy with a review that constantly bemoans the fact that the reviewer didn’t receive a boxed set that he was more than likely never promised?

    If you think my comments were inhumane and nasty, then you might want to do yourself a favor and stay out of the Politics section.

  • I was not promised the box set, you;r eright about that, but even the press kit was terribly skimpy. I’m complaining because they gave me no real material to review for this set IN ANY FORM that was unique to this set — there was nothing to review.

  • Perhaps the complaint would be best made to the company itself.

  • Rob

    Regardless, they were a great band and very influential. Can’t wait to get this set.