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The Back Button on my Web Browser

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With all of our technology today you would think that it wouldn’t be easy to lose something you wrote. And yet technology still bites us. All I did was accidently hit the “Back” button on Internet Explorer. It faithfully took me back… even though I didn’t want to. Because I was just finnished writing a Blogcritic entry. So I clicked the forward button, hoping my entry was still there. But nope. There was nada, nothing there.

@#&*% techology.


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About The Theory

  • It is always best to write a blogcritics entry (or anything else) in a word processor with frequent auto-save (thought I rarely follow that advice ofcourse have lost my most brilliant writing on many occasions).

  • Same thing has happened to me on my Xanga site. So now for reviews that I put up there I use a word processor first. It just works better that way.

  • The Theory

    heh, yeah… that would be ideal… but not always possible..

    *The Theory… writes his entries at work, usually* (don’t tell, haha)


  • Eric Olsen

    T, the key to this if you can’t use a word processing program – or don’t want to be bothered, is to save in draft mode frequently as you go. I save at least after every paragraph out of habit.

  • The Theory

    ooo… now that is an idea…