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The “Average Joe” Isn’t Chosen

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I was extremely disappointed by Melena’s choice of who she picked on the finale of “Average Joe.” I was not surprised that she chose pretty boy Jason over Average Joe Adam. Driving home the stereotype that the show has been exploiting; that the Average Joe can’t get the pretty girl. The finale was of course painfully expanded to a full two hours, of which one hour was spent on recapping what happened over the course of the show.

A little recap of the two individuals:

Jason: A 26-year-old waiter/model, who is finishing up college and lives with his parents in Irvine, California. Melena asked him if he only liked girls on their first date (he’s kind of girly). His personality was very vanilla. He never really expressed how he felt, except for saying that he cared about her without any explanation as to why.

Adam: A 27-year-old day trader, who owns his own firm, bar owner, millionaire, who lives with a roommate in New York City. His personality was very outgoing and gregarious. He made her laugh; he purchased gifts for her, and expressed how he really felt.

I almost burst out laughing when Melena said that she and Jason connected on so many levels. When and how this happened did not happen, was not shown on screen. They just stared at each other a lot, and made out. She admired him so much for going after his goals (I guess that would be his wanting to graduate college), and the way that they complimented each other.

Basically, Melena picked the wrong guy. The finale of the show, when she chose Jason over Adam, was a huge downer. She dumps the guy who you’ve been rooting for all along. The cheerleader picks the model. There was no way for you too feel happy for her, because you know she made the wrong decision. It also looked as if Adam had to sit on the bus until Melena and Jason’s plane left. I’m not sure if that’s how it was just filmed or what, but that was just plain cruel. Adam was a class act through the whole thing.

It will be interesting to see what the next segment of “Average Joe” brings. NBC is quite liberal in terms of what the Average Joe is. They threw a bunch of geeks in with a few average looking guys. From the previews, the next season looks like it could be a little more intense than this season was.

The Following is via Reality TV World.

However, the “romance” between Jason and Melana appears to have ended when the couple left the resort after the show. In a joint appearance on NBC’s Today Show on December 9, Jason and Melana said that they had been in contact only three times since the show ended, and they left the distinct impression that a Bachelorette-style wedding was not in their future. Meanwhile, Adam, who was interviewed by telephone, said that he had a new girlfriend and was very happy — leading show host Katie Couric to note that he may have been that happy because Melana didn’t pick him.

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  • Corey

    Neither do I. I think he was looking for an exit, and this was the opportunity so he took it.

  • Robert

    Why did Gil get so mad that Larissa dated Fabio on Average joe Hawaii? I don’t get it?

  • The Average Hec

    I got an idea…how about an Average Jill show, where some vapid headed stud muffin gets to pick from a bevy of geeky, average looking women, and right before he gets to the last 3 or 4, bring in the professional football team cheerleader babes, and see how much of a class act a woman can be when she gets ignored over a bimbo…think about the hue and cry from the feminist groups.

  • HW Saxton Jr.

    This seems like a no win situation for
    the young lady involved.If she would’ve
    chosen the “Average Joe”,I”m of the mind
    that she would have been fending off the
    accusations of being a gold digger and
    going for the money despite the outside
    physical appearance.

  • After reading this overview of the series, I’m glad that I didn’t catch this one.

  • Yep, I too was massively disappointed. I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought there was absolutely nothing of substance going on between Melana and Jason. I really thought maybe she was going to be decent and do something good, of course not. But I can definitely say that I won’t be back for the second installment – besides this one being a tremendous letdown, the next one just looks to be a whole lotta nastiness. At least this one started out fun . . . even if it degraded into typical reality show shmaltz and BS. Oh well.