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The Astrology of Osama bin Laden’s Death

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Osama bin Laden was killed by Navy SEALs on May 2 at approximately 1:30am in Abbottabad, Pakistan.  I used details from Wikipedia to come up with an estimated time of death. 

Even death has a “birth time” which can give us information about the event. I cast an astrological chart for this moment and found that six planets were jammed into the warrior sign of Aries. Aries is located in the Second House of survival and preservation.

Aquarius is in the First House (public face) which makes revolutionary Uranus the ruler of this chart. Appropriately, the planet of shock, surprise, and trauma defines this event. Although the killing was obviously planned, it was a surprise to the outside world. Uranus sits in Aries and forms an easy aspect (trine) to the point of the chart which represents the public and government (the MC). This suggests that the killing was in line with a political agenda. Also, the MC is in expansive Sagittarius, whose ruler (Jupiter) sits in Aries. Jupiter and Mars (violence) are united in an exact conjunction; the act of killing (Mars) was expanded (Jupiter) for a public audience. It also reflects the celebrations which occurred afterward. Jupiter is all about faith, hope, and dogma. This death has a tinge of missionary zeal.

Mercury (communication) in Aries is conjunct Venus (public relations). This is the favorable spin given by the government. However, these two planets are blocked by Saturn in Libra (justice), in the Eighth House of death. The questions about what actually happened are in conflict with the details being released. Saturn is the Lord of Karma and when he is placed in Libra, the sign of the balance, the theme of accountability becomes clear.

The Sun in this chart rules the Seventh House which, according to traditional astrology, represents open enemies. The Sun (life force ) is in Taurus (security) which could represent bin Laden himself, holed up in the compound where he met his end. Saturn is also in a very tense aspect (inconjunct) to the Sun. An inconjunct means a lack of understanding between two points. This lack of connection between justice and bin Laden raises a question. Was he a victim or did he get what deserved?

Finally, the Moon in Aries is Void of Course. A Void of Course Moon makes no aspects to other planets before it enters the next sign. It signifies an event where nothing happens. Was the killing a hoax? Are the conspiracy theorists right? Chances are we’ll never know the full story but it’s food for thought.

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