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The Astrology of Banksy’s Documentary

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Exit Through The Gift Shop, a documentary by controversial artist Banksy, has been nominated for an Academy Award.  Apparently the Academy officials are concerned that Banksy might show up to accept the potential award in his customary monkey costume.Image by Banksy

Known for his subversive pieces (like the series of images he created on Israel’s West Bank barrier), Banksy keeps his identity secret (hence the costume). Although Wikipedia does list a possible birth date for Banksy (who might be Robin Banks, Robin Gunningham, or Roberto Banksion), I’m going to look at the birth chart of his documentary instead.  I used its release date of March 5, 2010 in the UK.  

Appropriately, the film’s chart has a pileup of five planets in Pisces, the sign that embodies imagination and film.  Mercury (communication), the Sun (identity), and Jupiter (success) are all grouped together, or conjunct. This reflects the film’s popularity and success in communicating its message.  Venus (art) and Uranus (subversion) are also conjunct.

The movie’s heart is its intense Scorpio Moon.  This reflects the obsession of Thierry Guetta, the subject of the documentary.  Thierry becomes fixated on street art and begins compulsively filming the activities of various graffiti artists, claiming that he is making a documentary.  He comes in contact with Banksy who is bemused by Theirry’s fixation.  Banksy allows him to document some of his work in progress but soon realizes that Theirry knows nothing about making documentaries. He takes over the production from Thierry, urging him to focus on something else.  “Something else” turns out to be a bloated spectacle of a show in LA.  The show features Theirry’s attempt at art which is nothing more then a re-hash of existing pieces.  But the show is a blazing success, with people claiming that Theirry is the next big thing.  Banksy is disillusioned

The film’s Scorpio Moon is in a tense square to Neptune and Chiron (idealism) in the public-oriented sign of Aquarius.  This expresses the tension between Theirry’s obsession and Banksy’s vision.  A square between the Moon and Neptune also indicates deception. This could reflect claims that the film is not a documentary at all but a ruse created by Banksy. 

What I find interesting is that Mars (action, energy) in the look-at-me sign of Leo is retrograde (appears to be moving in reverse).  Any time a planet is retrograde its energy is turned inwards. This could describe the attitude of someone like Banksy who wants publicity but remains hidden at the same time.  Using the birth date given by Wikipedia, Banksy’s chart has the Sun at five degrees Leo which is very close to the film’s Mars at zero degrees Leo. 

Despite all the questions, it does look like this film is not meant to rattle any cages.  The Moon is in an exact aspect with the North Node, the marker that represents the film’s destiny.  The North Node in conventional Capricorn suggests that for all its subversive pedigree, this film reaches the public by mainstream channels.  Mercury, the film’s message, is in harmonious aspect with Pluto (transformation) in Capricorn.  While the message is meant to change existing conventions, it will do so in an acceptable way.

Image Credit – Banksy

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