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The Assistants Premieres July 10 on The N

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When I first saw commercials for The Assistants, I thought of Friends, with just non-stop laughter. Friends is a show that everyone knows and anyone can watch it hundreds and hundreds of times without getting bored. There are similarities: a couple of young adults hanging out and trying to make it through life, while working with an endless abundance of laughs.

Four friends — Gillian (Britt Irvin), Rigby (Meaghan Rath), Danny (Brendan Penny), and Nate (Michael B. Jordan) — work for offbeat producer, Zach Del Toro (Zak Santiago), at Kinky Bunny pictures. Gillian's the new girl, cute and sweet. She's still trying to figure out show business. Rigby's more high-strung and wants to be a writer. Danny's silly, but very nice. Nate's probably the funniest and my favorite. Together, they find themselves in odd situations, just trying to climb their way up Hollywood's social ladder.

The Assistants gives teens a comedic look at what’s happening behind the scenes in Hollywood,” said Sarah Tomassi Lindman, Senior Vice President and General Manager of The N. “Our audience will laugh out loud at the wacky, strange and often mortifying things these young adults will do to realize their show biz dreams.”

The pilot is okay, but the second episode, "The Star," was really what drew me in. In it, Gillian hangs out with one of Hollywood's greatest stars (Cory Monteith), Danny teaches Nate how to do nothing, and Rigby tries to get her script published. And Zach, well, he goes around trying to (unsuccessfully) keep the office in order. Who knew that life in Hollywood could be this fun?

The most important thing to me in a show is acting. If the acting isn't good, I refuse to watch the show again. I was very impressed with the acting and the casting. I was especially impressed with Michael B. Jordan and Zach Del Toro's acting. I kept saying to myself, "I hope they come back on screen soon." Michael and Zach had a subplot in the pilot centering around a cell phone message which was very entertaining.

I think if this show gains enough followers, it will be a huge hit. I hope that teens will just give this show a chance, because it definitely has potential.

The Assistants premieres July 10 at 8:30(ET/PT), right after the new Degrassi. They are airing the first two shows and I suggest that you stay around for both, because by the end, you'll be hooked.

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  • Wow, I hope you’re right. This is by my favorite people Will McRobb and Chris Viscardi, and I thought this looked a bit too much like typical 21st century teen shit. Well, I hope I’m wrong!