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THE ARCADE FIRE – Funeral – (2004)

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It’s very sad that in the happy mornings of 2004, the only opportunity that a band have to buy a little bit of attention, is moving towards the deepest quoting, pomping its own form in the most impressioning way and wait for the work of imprinting (which previously have worked).

However this Funeral is nothing but the umpteenth debut tasting of already-listen/already-seen, just served in a differend dish, cooled down and dished out lukewarm.

We can easily found the reverberates of Talking Heads, Modest Mouse since the more recents The Walkmen, without offering something different pertaining to the general content sum of the forefathers: it’s just a mold, showed off with a 15 components band which can only garnish the contour, but of course they don’t engender quality depth. To engender it, is indispensable creativity and personality, and thay are nacked about that.


Value of the record:
5,00 $

In Italian.

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  • Question

    Are you drunk or is English your second language?

  • Drunk.

  • Eric Olsen

    since there is a link to the Italian version, one might reasonably infer some things from this

  • I’m inferring that this review was gay, and I’M gay, so that’ll tell you…something.

  • i suppose eric could always claim this was written by that guy who writes those really strange poems I just completely don’t understand…although i think even they make more sense than this.

  • Eric Olsen

    I am assured it is oblique even in Italian

  • Neena

    Are you kidding me?! I love this album. And their live show, is just. OMG. I can’t even describe it. It’s something you have to experience on your own. They really come to life on stage. It’s beyond amazing.

  • Just wanted to give you a heads up that The Arcade Fire have been named one of the Best in 2004 by CHART Magazine. They are among 12 bands featured in CHART’s Dec/Jan Best of 2004 issue!

    For more info on this issue, check out http://www.chartattack.com/monthly/

    Plus, CHART has over $10,000 in prizes to give-a-way when you enter their 10th Annual Year-end Readers’ Poll. Check it out http://www.chartattack.com/poll/

  • Of course!
    Eat excrements: million of flies cannot be wrong 🙂

  • fri

    this review is not deserved. arcade fire’s album is second only to their live show, which is so unbelievably incredible, it has to be experienced first hand. if you’re not deeply affected by the energy enveloping and penetrating everyone in the room when arcade fire belts out the first haunting chorus from ‘wake up,’ there’s something seriously wrong with you. that one scene alone was worth ten times the ticket amount. if you haven’t seen arcade fire yet, don’t wait any longer.

  • I disagree with this review – this album is one of the best I’ve heard in years.

  • I have been listening to this band’s Funeral album
    repeatedly. I’d love to hear them live.
    How are their other albums or EPs?

  • So, Scott, this mean that you have listen in years to 10 or maybe 15 cds. Or maybe less…


  • Scott Butki

    No, this means it’s the best among lots of cd’s I’ve listened to this year