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The Apprentice – Two Left but One is Terrible

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I am now surprised at the two contestants left out of the original eighteen. Not because they aren’t the best of all the contenders on The Apprentice, year 2005. Yet I wonder are they really the best? Yet again, I can’t name any of those eliminated who are better.

Tana is a vaunted Mary Kay Cosmetic salesperson who has been very successful at it. She is the last of the team considered “street smart”. Tana is a bit older than her remaining competitor. She is in her mid-thirties.

Kendra is quite young, a mid-twenties contender with a degree in linguistics. She is a successful real estate broker. She is the last of the team considered “book smart”.

The show dealt with the last male contender, Craig, in short shrift. A few executives whose opinions The Donald allegedly cherishes all announced that Craig needs to go.

Which he did.

I, for one, am not at all impressed with Tana and never have been.

If I were hiring either Tana or Kendra it would be Kendra hands down.

For while Tana is the older of the two, her actions are very immature. This past episode (5/5/05) Tana did the most childish of all. She called her team “stooges”. Which wouldn’t be so bad but she said it in front of Caroline. Caroline is one of The Donald’s ‘right-hand’ people whose opinion he also values. She, however, is a Trump employee.

No matter what, no matter the logic, no matter how righteous, never spout an opinion about other people to someone in Caroline’s position as Tana did. Tana had no idea what Caroline thought of her chosen team mates. If Tana was looking to get a break by mentioning early on that she was saddled with stooges it was a stupid move and will be viewed by just what it was: an excuse.

A mature person doesn’t engage in such unprofessional behavior. At least not in Tana’s position. The Donald, Caroline and George might sit in the Boardroom all day and knock the candidates as stooges. For Tana, who hasn’t been hired for goodness sake-she can still be off the show-, such comments do not reflect well on her.

Yes Tana’s assessment may be true and fair.

She should have kept her mouth shut.

I am also reminded of the episode when Tana went to bed and left her team leader Kendra, alone to finish the assigned task.

In this past week’s episode, her team could not find a parking space. They phoned her up with the dilemma. Okay, I must think, no one thought ahead about that matter of parking in midtown Manhattan much less the team leader. And okay again, those dolts were too dense to at least drop off everyone but the driver should a parking space never appear. But Tana, even though she risked rancor by taking a cell call during her meeting with her event’s coordinators, didn’t suggest it either! Employees call their leaders for guidance. All Tana did was mock the “stooges” rather than effectively offering a sensible solution.

Not that Kendra is the perfect choice for The Donald’s next apprentice. But as one member of The Donald’s cherished corporate interviewers mentioned, she is young and “mold-able”. Kendra does have a tendency to “whine” in that manner of her age group. Maturity will take care of that. I can’t imagine Caroline whining like Kendra does.

As the contest winds down, Kendra is to arrange and organize a Sony play station competition. Tana is to do the same for an athletic event intended to demonstrate New York’s ability to effectively host the 2008 Olympics. While it might have been insinuated that the finale is this coming Thursday-(5/12/05), the final winner will not be announced until 5/19/05.

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  • you have made some excellent points especially about she should have kept her mouth shut..But I disagree with you about Tana going to bed and Kendra making it an all nighter,,I think a mature person goes to bed on time and gets up fresh with a clear mind..if you have to work all night than you wasted the daytime hours ,,what would have happened if Kendra did not figure it all out that night ,she would not have been worth crap the next day..Kendra wasted the daylight hours winning and arguing with her team like she always does..

  • Rafael

    I do think both Tana and Kendra deserve to be here although Tana did dissapoint me in her lack of taking sides in any of the previous arguments she was near enough to here. I don’t completely blame Tana for going to bed early although there should have been some kind of plan discussed prior to her and Craig leaving to pick up the pieces the next day, Kendra really kept Tana and Craig out of the fire by coming in with her brochure. Tana also lost credability in my mind by failing to acknowledge Kendra’s role in the development of the brochure and trying to lead the presentation to the company representatives. I just wish Craig would have been in the boardroom earlier because he’s been carried by these two ladies for too long and everyone finally saw how weak of a person he was in the interview process.

  • Don’t forget Kendra disappointed when she was part of Craig’s team on the hardware store competition. She didn’t try and basically gave up because she didn’t know sqaut about hardware. Not trying is unacceptable.

  • I think the two finalists are evenly matched yet not overwhelming finalists because this season’s crop is a notch or two below the first two season’s applicants.

    Still, I’m curious to see who will win and will be glued to seat this very night…


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    Damn that spam!