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The Apprentice: Three Left-Alex Goes

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Here’s a bit of Apprentice trivia-the song used for the Apprentice is
“For the Love of Money” by the O’Jays .

Indeed making money by selling T-shirts was the theme of this past week’s show-4/28/05.

The company was, of course, Haynes. The design was to be done by a famous pop artist. The store for the sale was Trump’s daughter’s favorite spot, some boutique called SCOOP.

That factoid about the famous pop artist eluded me. It also eluded the team of Alex and Tanna.

Craig and Kendra composed the other team this past week.

For the entire show I was sure that Alex and Tanna won the task.

So were they.

It turned out that Craig and Kendra’s more mundane but nonetheless handsome T-shirts, one with a hood, raked in twice the cash as the dazzling creations of Alex and Tanna. Even though Tanna sold her “bedazzled” T-shirts for over $50 each!

Tanna got the great idea of adding some sparkle to their team’s T-shirts by affixing some rhinestones and such to their woman’s version of the shirt. Turns out Tanna was once quite the “Bedazzler”.

Once upon a time I had a Bedazzler with a whole bunch of pretty beads. I never could get my Bedazzler to work. In fact the thing still sits in an attic cubby somewhere, never used.

But hey, I like the notion of the extra “oomph” such as rhinestones add to a clothing article. T-shirts seem particularly amenable to such added pizzazz.

I was so caught up in what I thought to be such an original idea that I totally ignored the pop artist angle. So did Tanna and Alex and my goodness, those two were right there! The Donald brought up the folly of their decision in the Boardroom. Craig and Kendra brought in over two grand while Alex and Tanna tallied a little over a grand.

Although I must note here that both teams did an admirable job. Under most circumstances I would hardly consider Alex and Tanna’s endeavor to be a failure. But the show’s rules are that there is a loser and there is a winner.

With the money verdict delivered, Alex and Tanna were thus summoned to the Boardroom. Where somebody would, as The Donald put it, “be fired”.

There are pictures of all the Apprentice contestants as well as my prior Apprentice posts on
My Blog.

It wasn’t until then that the importance of the pop culture artist came to me. And also Alex and Tanna. For the two were so wrapped up with the Bedazzler idea that they failed completely to market to the major audience. Which would be fans of the pop culture artists. A mistake that Kendra and Craig did not make.

Also, The Donald was absolutely correct for chastising Alex and Tanna for their lame-brained trip to the outer boroughs of Manhattan in search of just the right sized rhinestones that would have the stones to fit the machine. As if their were no rhinestones in NY City. In the end Tanna ended up gluing the rhinestones to the T-shirts anyway.

I was convinced that Tanna would meet her Maker during that boardroom trip as she was the team leader AND she was too bedazzled to see the forest for the trees.

But Alex made a fatal mistake. I knew it when I saw it and so did The Donald. Alex lied about how many times he was project manager for a losing task.

I saw Alex’s eyes dart quickly away from the questioner, in this case The Donald. A sign of a liar. Another realization came upon me. Alex is no leader. In addition, he is the sort of fellow whose major defense against his lack of leadership is…to lie.

We all know this sort of person in our work lives. Unimaginative types who avoid decisions that would fall upon them. Somehow these types manage to work their way to the tip of their Peter Principle and only by constant lying do they hang on.

The Donald didn’t take kindly to the lying although Alex denied it every which way as a simple mistake. Methinks The Donald has met a few of these liars in his life from time to time.

I didn’t believe Alex for a minute when he whined his response of having lost only “one” task as project manager was an innocent calculation error. In the span of less than five seconds Alex assessed the correct answer, which was two losing tasks as project manager, considered that maybe The Donald didn’t know the answer else why ask, then decided to throw out the wrong answer in hopes that it would fly.

So Tanna is safe for another week. She’s walking on dangerous ground however, in that Carolyn told The Donald that she could never see Tanna as working for him. Hey, if Carolyn doesn’t like Tanna then she’s got a major obstacle to eventual victory.

My predictions as of now:

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  • Scott Hater 20X6


    Tanna was soooooo actin’ like a dumbass when she wanted to go to that island place-thingy(forgot name). I think that Tanna’s weird ass should be kicked to the f***ing curb.