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The Apprentice: Season 2

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Apprentice Cast Season 2Anyone ready for round 2 of The Apprentice?

Here are the new contestants according to E! Online:

The women:
Pamela, 32, an investment firm partner from San Francisco
Jennifer C., a 31-year-old horse-loving real-estate agent from New York
Stacie J., 35, a Harlem Subway franchise owner and former model
Lawyers Jennifer M. (a 29-year-old from San Francisco) and Stacy R. (a 26-year-old from New York)
Business owners Sandy, 28, who hails from Rockville, Maryland, Elizabeth, 31, from Marina Del Ray, California
Virginia Beach-based marketing exec Maria, 31
Ivana, a Subway franchise owner

The men:
Raj, 28, a bow-tie wearing real-estate developer with homes in Philly and Vail, Colorado, who claims not to watch TV
Bradford, a 32-year-old lawyer from Fort Lauderdale
Chris, a 30-year-old stockbroker hailing from Long Island
Andy, 23, a newly minted Harvard grad from Boca Raton, Florida
John, 24, a marketing director from San Francisco
Wes, 27, an Atlanta-based wealth manager
Kevin, 29, a law student in Chicago
Rob, 32, a Texas branding salesman
Kelly, 37, a software exec from Carlsbad, California.

Here are my early predictions…

Not having yet seen these folks, and just based upon what I’ve seen online, here’s my list of who’s who:

Final two:

Rob: Looks like he’s got some varied real-world experience.

Kelly: Unless his personality conflicts, another good bet.

Those who I think will make it beyond the initial cuts:

John: Looks like he might go far, but his age will work against him.

Wes: Unless his personality is abrasive, will be in the half that survives.

Pamela: Experience a bit narrow, but will probably go far.

Sandy: Not degreed, but I think she might go pretty far here.

Elizabeth: She’ll go far, but won’t win.

These guys are toast:

Raj: The guy wears a bowtie. ‘Nuff said.

Bradford: Commutes in a gas-powered golf cart with monster truck tires. Too out-there.

Chris: High school degree only. See ya.

Andy: Too young and inexperienced.

Kevin: I don’t see anything that stands out at this point.

Jennifer C.: Sales skills alone do not make a VP.

Stacie J.: A model who runs a Subway. Might last a while, but not all the way.

Jennifer M.: Lawyer and not much else. Probably very personable, but it won’t take her all the way.

Maria: She just looks…. like she ain’t gonna make it.

Stacy R.: Another lawyer. Won’t make it far.

Ivana: She is so gone. There totally due to the name thing.

For more info on the contestants visit NBC.com’s Apprentice 2 page.

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About Vic

  • Sahil

    Personally, I never find the contestants on the apprentice to be very intelligent [edited] ok, i’m done wasting time. Good Day.

  • Vic

    Yes, fine, good. Go on and have a good day yourself, and we’ll see if my lowly predictions hold true.


  • Sahil

    Hello, i’d like to apologize for the earlier message; I’m glad you edited it. I was going off on many people today, and, after calming down and apologizing to them all, i remembered the post i left on blogcritics.org, so i decided, albeit something you wouldn’t remember in a couple days, that i should still say sorry. And, also i did not keep in mind that The Apprentice IS network television, not the actual business world. And, although I’m sure donald trump is a bright man, he also seems like a shallow pompous man, and thus he could easily make eliminations based on arbitrary qualities like clothing and names under the guise of business shortcomings. You were simply anticipating the Trump factor, lol, and i don’t know if i was. So, once again, my apologies; you could very well be right. By the way, although you don’t need my permission, feel free to delete as much (or all) of this as you’d like. (not much interesting substance here) Good Day, and good luck on your predictions.


  • Sahil…you’re fired!!!


  • Vic


    Thanks, I appreciate it, although I’m not the one who edited your post. As you say, I wasn’t trying to judge a book by it’s cover, but determine according to the show’s previous season’s results who would advance. The information I gleaned from what I read about each person was sort of like a mini-resume, so it did give me *some* sort of basis for analysis.

    Of course it wasn’t in-depth… I’ve never met these people. But I can draw certain conclusions, such as a person who shows up wearing a bowtie and bright red pants is going to be somewhat eccentric, and will not fit the Trump corporate “mold”. 🙂

    As I posted earlier today, one of my predictions is already out the window, but I’m curious to see how my first impulsive guesses work out.

    Best regards,


  • Looks like Rob was the first one fired. Oops!

  • Vic

    Yup, MAJOR prediction gaffe on my part. :-0

    However, having seen the show, I stand by my predictions overall. I don’t know the characters yet by name/face, but I think at least my bottom half is in the ball park.


  • Personally think Kevin has the hands up on the competition, but Im biased being that he and I grew up together.

  • jigar

    Pamela getting fired, just made trump look foolish.
    I think he just firing people to surprise and shock the audience. Makes for good TV.
    Goes to show the appentices have no future in his mythical organization.

  • Vic


    I tend to agree with you. This season it seems like Trump is playing to the cameras more, which is making the show worse.