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“The Apprentice” Rocks

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Could Gene Simmons be the next big reality TV star? Early this year, the former KISS frontman sat in as a guest judge for Fox’s “American Idol” auditions in New Orleans. Tonight, Simmons and other stars of rock and rap make a guest appearance on Donald Trump’s “The Apprentice”:

Lil’ Kim, Eve, Fat Joe, Barenaked Ladies, Moby, Gene Simmons, Lil’ John, Simple Plan, New Found Glory and Jadakiss were solicited by the 10 remaining candidates on Donald Trump’s reality show to donate and auction off a personal experience live on Fuse.

“It was funny to watch them come in with very limited viewpoints about being a VJ and try to pull it off,” said Fuse video jockey Steven Smith.

Smith, who was once made over on “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy,” helped the street smarts Net Worth team tackle on-air VJ duties, interacting with Simple Plan, Barenaked Ladies and Simmons live. He said the suit-clad Apprentices were out of their element mingling with rock stars.

Tonight’s challenge represents quite a leap for Magna (Book Smarts) and Net Worth (Street Smarts), who only last week were charged with putting together a miniature golf course for children. As both teams have proved to be much weaker than their counterparts in the first two seasons of the show, they’ll likely need to keep their wits about them tonight as they deal with these unpredictable celebrities.

As in previous challenges, its hard to say which team will have a leg up on the competition. One would think that Net Worth’s real-world experience would give them the edge over Magna’s academic strength, but good leadership and teamwork are likely to win out in the end. It seems, though, that the contestant to watch tonight might not be the one you’d expect:

Smith was most dazzled by 37-year-old Net Worth team member Tana Goertz, who tackled hip-hop lingo.

“She was just killing me,” said Smith. “She was hilarious talking in a faux-Snoop Dogg-izzle. She just went for it. It tickled me pink.”

Preppy Tana talking like a gangsta? That alone should make tonight’s show worth tuning in for.

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  • Brent Rehmel

    I was impressed earlier this season when multiple people were fired and team leaders did not automatically get an exemption. This showed that weaker could not hide behind the strict rules of the contest. However, this was completely negated when both of the excellent final candidates were not hired. In every other season one candidate was clearly better but not this time. Sticking to the strict rules of the competition and especially so that Randal wouldn’t have to share the spotlight showed poor leadership and judgement on the final choice. I won’t watch another season of The Apprentice.

  • Eric Olsen

    super and speedy job, thanks Scott!

  • I wouldn’t be surprised if Magna continues to do well, even when dealing with “street”-type tasks. They’ve really pulled it together of late, even though they aren’t of the calibar (thus far) of past seasons.