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The Apprentice Issues Final Exam to Kendra and Tana

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The show opened with a continuation of the final task: Tana and the Bring the Olympics to New York event and Kendra and the videogame championships at Webster Hall.

While in past seasons, the final event ended at a relative draw, it was obvious from the outset that Kendra – who may be the Came From Nowhere Kid this year – was outgunning and outshining her opponent in teamwork, coordination, and most importantly, style.

Tana, clearly harassed at the complexity of her assignment and not a little bit high on her relative power (short lived though it may be) took clear pleasure in dissing on her (admittedly not top-notch) team members Chris, Kristen, and Brian. The big mistake was to do so to Carolyn and in front of clients. Big no nos.

A series of moderate mess-ups then almost sunk the event: Kristen’s brochure managed to include insider notes on the professional athletes attending (X swimmer is camera shy, etc.) while Gov. George “Wacky Like” Pataki of New York was first left waiting outside the event while his aide fumed and then was not granted his request to carry the American flag out to the stage… because one couldn’t be found in the Flags of the World box.

Not good, Tana. D Trump left not pleased.

Key Tana Line #1…
To Bruce Jenner: I think you’re looking at the next Apprentice.

…Equals Red Flag/Major Kiss of Death Warning #1

Key Tana Line #2…
I’m a shark in a goldfish outfit. I’m a killer.

…Equals… Okay, then. I guess. Ahem.

Kendra’s team and event, on the other hand, turned around marvelously thanks to a cohesive team and adept client relations all around. Even George seemed to be in a good mood… and there’s just something about that that gives me a warm glow.

But I digress.

There could not have been a bigger difference in a way the final task ended. While Tana imperiously dismissed her dumbkopf common flock, real emotions were expressed between Kendra and her team.

The comparative strength of Kendra’s team (and her relatively easier task of managing a video game championship) may pull her to a win, but it’s her attitude that should really be what puts her over the top. I wasn’t enthusiastic about Kendra early on, but she’s proven to me and all of the naysayers week after week that she has the guts and intelligence and balance to take on the rough waters of Trump Land. Tana’s performance was borderline sickening, and I think even Daddy Trump himself can smell out an ego that’s puffing out the seams of an ordinary performer.

The end of the show threw a major curveball to normal Apprentice operations, as team members from the final task filed into the boardroom as the closing credits rolled. Tana, who had already taken some major body blows in the boardroom from Trump and Carolyn, looked dazed (some might say bedazzled, but not me) and confused.

Now, it’s onward to the live finale next week.

And I’ve got to say to Kendra, “Win it, baby!”

‘Cause you know you won’t see no kind of you go girl! from this here writer.

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  • It’s got to be Kendra, and not just because her event went off so well and her staff loved her. Tana’s got that Pataki albatross hanging around her neck. Her event was supposed to help make the case that New York City can host the Olympics and she forgot to include the American flag, which had the Governor of New York complaining to the Donald. That’s what I call a stumble, no matter what else went right — and a lot apparently went right. Kendra’s sole flaw — leaving Danny in charge of a clumsy meeting with the execs — seems pretty minotr in comparison.

  • Ellen Adler

    I was so disappointed with Tana’s performance, I was a Tana fan right up until this task which she just proved to all of us she put on an act all the way through. I am a boss and owner of two companies. Never did I treat an employee so low as Tana did this last Task. Your only as good as your employee’s and if you don’t know how to manage them it shows. Thumbs up for Kendra I vote for her, she proved to pull through with flying colors. She sure pulled through and I feel she has grown these last few months, I believe she will do well at the Trump Organization. Good Luck…

  • Tana really disappointed me, especially with her arrogant attitude. Having said that, it’s not realistic to be totally on top of every detail in staging such an event, with so little notice to do so. Had she conducted herself more professionally, it might have been neck and neck, but Kendra wins for having class and the ability to motivate her team easily to want to win for her.

  • what struck me was how they went out of their way to make Tanna look bad..would anyone even notice or care if the American flag was not included if they didn’t make a big deal of it..and why wasn’t it included in the box with all the flags ..was that a deliberate thing to screw Tanna up..what if they did not give Kendra all the sponsors banners ..would she even have noticed ..hell she didn’t even know where to hang them ..this whole thing was a setup to make Tanna look bad and with that they succeeded..hell it should be a no brainier now as to who will win..and with the team members going into the board room to talk with Trump they will spill more shit about Tanna ..Now having said all that I think Tanna made a huge mistake in not trying harder to work with her team ..you should not try to do it all by yourself but isn’t that exactly what Kendra did on the all nighter..my last thing is why did trump give Kendra such an easy task.for gods sake who couldn’t arrange a bunch of video games in a room..the out come seems so obvious that Kendra wins which means that Tanna wins..

  • Tana also played the sacrifice card but saying that she gave up a lot, including her family, to be on the show. That’s not a good argument, as Trump himself has said since all the candidates gave up something to attend.

    Georgio could be right though, about how we’re being set up to think that Kendra is going to win, only to have Tana win.

  • Judith

    Who in their right mind thought that those two tasks were anywhere near equal to accomplish! One Video Game and 12 Sports Events – ya that was equal! I’m sure Tana would have done just as well, if not better, if she had Kendra’s task. I just hope this season doesn’t have the bad ending that last season did – let’s hope neither one of these woman have to go through that humiliation! Trump was out of control – and there was no need of it!

  • what was the bad ending last season..??

  • marla

    Regardless of how some people have been claiming that Kendra had the easier task, Tana’s task was a complete failure from the get go. She was constantly putting her team down when she could of told them in the beginning that she wanted to do this on her own. As tana said “this is not like selling lipstick, how about some compliments?” Well compliments would have been delivered if the wanna be “executive” and supervised things such as the broucher, which had confidential information in it, she told her team not to get the final okay from her but to go ahead and make the final decisions. BIG MISTAKE, If I had my own company I would want a leader like Kendra and let Tana go home to her family.

  • I don’t remember a bad ending either. There’s always a final eye-gouging session — that’s to be expected.

    I think that the idea that Tana got set up to lose is silly. Trump can basically hire whoever he wants, regardless of the task. Also, note that every aspect of every reality show is partially scripted and heavily edited. So the fact that they chose to highlight the missing flag bit shouldn’t be surprising. The fact that the Governor of New York asked for something as part of an event and didn’t get it surely reflects badly on Tana.

    I think over the last six weeks, true colors emerged in both Tana and Kendra. Tana revealed is manipulative (upstaging in the presentation about five weeks back), fake (“I’m a shark in a goldfish costume…” — worked real well for Alex too, honey), arrogant (the waiting for her staff to go home first was outrageously poor class), and a poor manager. Kendra revealed is a little bit immature yet, but has a genuineness that shined through at the end. She’s tough, intelligent, and knows how to work with people.

    Kendra also makes a great sales case i.e. she has the total package: book smarts and street smarts.

    And in the end, her argument that she works in real estate and with tough New Yorkers will help to sell Trump as well.

  • You’re right Marla — Tana was surprisingly unprofessional throughout the final task. It really looked as though she couldn’t handle it and was venting throughout. The overcompensation with the imperial attitude was final proof.

    And the “it’s signed, sealed, and delivered” bit? Delusion, perhaps?

  • marla

    Tana was way to over confident, although it may have seemed to her that she did an awesome job, the reality was that the task was very disorganized. Kendra had more organization and knew what needed to be done to make the event a success, Tana on the other hand might be better off at home making kraft dinner for her kids.

  • The idea that one task was easier than the other seems silly. Both looked pretty damn big to me, and keep in mind Sony Playstation was about to walk on Kendra when they saw thhat they were stuck in a ratty basement room. Kendra made sure the place looked BEYOND fantastic, and the Sony execs were happy to stay.

    Eric is right about Kendra’s final sales pitch, that she has book and street smarts. In the end, Trump will have to ask: what does Tana have that Kendra doesn’t have? Answer: nothing. Indeed, she has more.

    If this contest was rigged at all, that’s the way it was rigged. Tana has great experience; Kendra has great experience and an education.

  • Even if they are both evenly matched on education and experience (which they may well be, if you want to argue that street smarts are equal to book smarts) it’s clear at this point that Kendra makes a better candidate on grace, style, and leadership. Leadership is the most important consideration here, and Kendra has stepped up each week over the last month or so to really emerge, finally, as the best candidate in the competition.

    Kudos to the Magna team members for finally not being a whiny, work-shirking bunch in helping their former competitor do well on the task. The guitar dude (forget his name) should be locked away in a San Francisco ad agency back office, but I found Erin to be impressive. She’ll go far in PR or sometime media related, I’ll wager.

  • Danny

  • Ah yes, how can I forget Danny?

  • Jason in Oakland

    There’s something about Kendra’s botoxed (or pokerfaced) face and bizarre body movements and gestures when talking that I find disturbing. But she was a better leader and pulled off a better event in the end. I’ve been a fan of Tana, but I think Kendra wins this.

    What the HELL is the final episode going to be? One hour of talking to the team members? Another task? I was really irritated when I saw the credits roll up last night before The Donald said the final, most important words…

  • Well, I think they’re going to cut down to a one-hour live finale, so hopefully the endless product endorsements will be shortened up a bit.

    I imagine they’ll have the team members talk about the finalists, Kendra and Tana will make their case, George and Carolyn will talk again, etc. There’ll be a final hemming and hawing before the decision is made, followed by the choosing of the assignment. So it’s a pretty easy stretch to an hour.

  • T. Winters

    I think Tanna’s comment a few weeks ago about doing “whatever” trump wants shows her lack of vision and leadership ability. She clearly didn’t know how to provide an innovative event to leave the viewer feeling that New York is the best place for the Olympics.

    In the past, I’ve thought that she’s brought a lot of fun energy to the projects, but she got power drunk. Too bad — I always like voting for the underdog.

  • I think Tana was great at playing Miss Perfect and avoiding trouble (and arguments — she was great at staying away from Kendra and Craig’s brawls)… but she got exposed at the last minute.

    I love the scene at the end, where you can see how annoyed Tana is at the obviously emotional Kendra after both events took place.

    Your team was great? That’s… great.

    I’ll be really pissed if Tana becomes the Apprentice at this point.

  • Tana rated pretty high with me until a few weeks ago when her true colors came through. She and Craig were the team members that week with Kendra as project manager. Tana and Craig rolled up their tents and went home (to bed) leaving Kendra to pretty much design and polish the brochure for the car campaign. To her credit, she did not make an issue of Tana and Craig bailing on her. More to her credit, she won the task and her brochure is actually going to be used by the car company. This, to me, is a major coup.

    What I saw was someone who stepped forward to show what she was made of and did it in spite of a team that tried to run her into the ditch…in what I’d call a rather passive-aggressive way.

    Since that week, Tana has dropped further and further in my estimation. She is not professional. The more Tana is Tana, the more Kendra becomes the Apprentice–not that she needs Tana’s extra shove into the winner’s circle. Kendra clearly deserves the win.

  • Vikk — I went through the same process and I agree.

    I’m glad you mentioned the car brochure. I met a woman a few days ago who, without having seen The Apprentice, walked into a Pontiac dealership and bought a car on the basis of that very brochure alone. She was told later that it was featured on a television program.

  • Tana Sux

    Lets just assume tana and kendra both has equally intelligence and leadership ability (actually Kendra outclass Tana, but in this case just assume they are equally the same). We have to consider the other part that can be compared within these two candidate, character and personality. When you see tana character and personality, she is a tremendous disaster (big liar, looser, lazy double headed snake). Otherwise Kendra is someone that at least never ever lie about anything and she has never ever take advantage from someone’s benefit

  • I almost starting singing Paula Abdul’s “Cold Hearted Snake” when I read that last comment there!

    I’m largely in agreement with you, as my post and most of my comments illustrate.

  • TITI