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The Apprentice – Episode 310 – “The Pie’s The Limit”

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The eight remaining Apprentice candidates got a taste of the pizza business tonight in a task that was less about creativity or originality and more about simply moving product to keep the cash register ringing.

With the Net Worth team down to only three players (Angie, Stephanie, and Chris), Trump started off tonight’s show by giving them their choice of the remaining Magna members (Bren, Kendra, Craig, Tana, and Alex) to even things out. After a quick conference, Net Worth decided to add Seattle attorney Alex to their ranks. This decision was not entirely surprising, as Alex is in the unique position of being one of the more consistently good candidates while also never really having gone out of his way to distinguish himself. So, while he was a solid acquisition for Magna, he also was not really a threat.

Tonight’s challenge was simple. Working with Domino’s Pizza, each team was to create a new type of pizza using toppings not currently on the chain’s menu. Then, they would bake and sell their creation from mobile restaurants during the lunch rush in Manhattan.

Net Worth

As Project Manager, Stephanie seemed to work more by committee than leadership. The team picked up on Trump’s offhand suggestion and decided to create a “Meatball Masterpiece” pizza. To market their creation, they hired models to work the area around their location, which included five NYU dorms, handing out flyers and directing the crowds back toward their street corner.

Chris and Alex took the initiative the day before the actual task to visit a construction site and pre-sell a large order of pizzas. Unfortunately, their good working relationship ended almost as soon as the task started. Chris began to notice that Alex was flirting with many of the female customers rather than running the register. When Alex began chatting up one of the models who had been hired to promote the pizzas, Chris blew a bit of a gasket (not surprising, considering his frequent outbursts in previous weeks), and he and Alex went at it.

During all of this, Stephanie and Angie were off delivering the pizzas that Chris and Alex had sold the day before. They made the horrible decision to take the subway rather than a cab, and they ended up wasting nearly a hour and a half just making the one delivery.

Despite the men’s bickering, Net Worth did quite well, bringing in a total of $523.90 for the day.


In a somewhat humorous turn, Magna ended up with the exact same idea for a pizza as their competition. Project Manager Bren batted around ideas with his team, until Tana drew on her Italian roots and suggested the “Manga Meatball Pie.” It certainly says something about Trump’s powers of persuasion that both teams quickly picked up on his casual comments to completely drive their creative strategies.

While Bren and Craig manned the pizza stand, Kendra and Tana pounded the pavement, hitting up nearly every local business in the area for lunch orders. It was a strategy that paid off, netting Magna a winning $653.12 and the reward of having breakfast the next morning with Trump in his sickeningly extravagant suite.

The Boardroom

With only four team members, it was every man for himself in the Boardroom tonight. Alex started going after Chris for his outburst, and Chris quickly tried to turn the tables, a tactic that failed instantly because of Chris’s well-known prior history with anger management issues. It seemed like the two would claw each other apart, with Chris ending up on the losing side, until Trump asked where Stephanie had been during all of this.

When it came out that the Project Manager had abandoned her team to make one delivery, the blame quickly began to shift, with Stephanie’s leadership called into question.

Inexplicably, Stephanie choose to keep Alex and Chris in the Boardroom with her, letting Angie, who had contributed absolutely nothing to the task, head back to the suite. With only the three contestants remaining, Alex and Chris quickly tag-teamed Stephanie. Unable to defend her bad judgment and lack of leadership, Stephanie became the latest Apprentice candidate to be fired.

Who’s Next To Go?

Last week, I predicted that Chris’s time would finally come tonight. He managed to make his way out of this one, but just barely. I actually think Trump is started to like him a little bit, as evidenced by his fatherly advice given in the Boardroom the past two weeks. Given that, I think Chris may actually be safe for another week or two.

Magna now has the three strongest candidates remaining (Bren, Tana, and Kendra), and Craig seems unlikely to bring down the team on his own. That means there is a very good chance that Net Worth will be returning to the Boardroom yet again next week. If that happens, I think Angie will finally hit bottom and be the next candidate to be shown the door.

Who’s Going To Win?

As I’ve been predicting since as long as six episodes ago, Tana will be the next Apprentice.

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